Thursday, March 27, 2014

warning: curves ahead {and a sale}

Before we went to Sea World last week
I ran into the nearest Loft to try on
this dress I'd seen on a recent email...
Kind of reminds me of
Nice draping that covers
 "problem" spots if you know what I mean.
I know that its going to come in handy
on hot Houston days this summer.
While I was there I may have also
grabbed a pair of these shorts...
Happy with my two items I went home.
You know I almost never pay full price.
But I knew I would wear these
two things to pieces this summer.
The next day I opened my emails
to find one from the Loft
taunting was a
 40% off everything code.
I went back to the store
and they graciously did
a price adjustment for the 40% off.
I'll take the $50 savings.
And spend it again.
At the Loft :)
As long as I'm there I figured
I may as well see what else was on sale right?
Well I'm glad I did because I found
{for me}
the perfect fitting jean
from their "curvy" line.
I know it sounds like a misnomer
Apparently the Loft figured out
that if you can make a girl
feel good about a jean
especially when you name it a skinny jean
then she'll buy it.
In multiple versions.
Except the cat got out of the bag
because my husband
{the one who's favorite word is budget}
{and is the type of guy
who checks our account balances.
asked me if three separate transactions,
all from a place called LOFT
where indeed mine.
Yep, she said sheepishly in a whisper,
but they make me feel good.
And maybe she added
"happy wife is a happy life."
Be sure and say it with a smile when you do.

Today is your lucky day because
Loft is having
 a "friends and family" event
for 40% off.
and they'll send you a code.
Let me know what you find :)


  1. this is brilliant - i love loft but love them more for doing a curvy line. i am going over there now! and ps - thank you SOOO much for your kind words this am re: bday :) so glad to know you!!!!!


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