Friday, March 7, 2014

what I've been up to

What have I been up to?
Not a whole lot this week.
My youngest brought home
a whacked out strain of something.
Thankfully its just him,
and the hubs
who are down for the count.
Think plague.
It ain't pretty.
I've missed boot camp since last week.
I feel like dirt.
No more complaining though.
I know this will pass.
I cannot believe it is March.
Where has the time gone?
I have officially put myself on a deadline.
It coincides with the end of school.
No more time for procrastinating.
Here's what I need to do.
1. make a king bedskirt
No we don't own a king bed.
But I kind of have one now.

Let me explain.
Our twins share this room.
Up until two weeks ago
they each had a twin bed
but they have always
picked one twin bed to sleep in together.
Last week I shared that our youngest
has been an awful sleeper since he was born.
He always starts off in his own bed.
But then in the middle of the night
he would wander run and jump
into our bed.
But after three years of him jumping in his crib
{to the point where he bent the steel frame.
Let me repeat.
He bent the steel frame.}
we were just happy that he would go back to sleep.
No matter where said sleeping occurred.
Until he grew.
And grew.
And grew.
And our queen bed could no longer
accommodate three people.
One of whom became a hulk of a kid.
So to sum up this long sob story
{one I KNOW my friends are tired of hearing}
we pushed the two twin beds together.
Just to see if our experiment would work.
Before spending beaucoup dinero
buying a new king frame and mattress set.

I bought a new mattress pad that keeps the twin mattresses
pulled together all MacGuyver like.
I also may have bought a super soft coverlet
by Peacock Alley
since it was on super sale at Tuesday Morning.
{Thanks to Christine for the tip.} 
Since we are still feeling puny
and I have my five year old BFF
sick at home with me
{why is it that at school he's on his last leg
but at home, even sick, he has the energy of well,
a five year old boy?}
I figure I can at least plan my attack for the king bed skirt.
I saw this tutorial the other day
and I'm convinced I can do it myself!
I don't have energy to continue my list.
So let's cram all paint projects under number 2 of this short list.
I have all my painting supplies ready
to conquer the kitchen island.
And the front hallway :)
{because the hubs LOVES the current color}.

Oh and with the new blanket in their room
the twins have asked for a new wall color.
Uh oh.
Another domino decision has been made.
New wall color,
I need to redo the gallery walls.
See what I mean by domino decision.

While I contemplate what projects

I've added to my list

without really trying

here are two things you might find

as interesting as I did...

1. The hilarious Sherry Hart at Design Indulgence
introduced me to a new app.
If you like Waterlogue
{my peep Susan LOVES it}
then you'll flip for Brushstroke.

2. Cottage and Vine had this
on her top ten list of the week.
Oil pulling.
Not sure about it
but I have coconut oil in the house
and I have to say I'm intrigued by this
so I may try it.
Stay tuned for a report if I do.
I need all the toxin removal help I can get at this point.

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