Wednesday, April 30, 2014

for the love of stripes


Its really a knock off look for less this one by Madeline Weinrib...

via Haddon Interiors
You can purchase the real deal here.
While I love the black and white version
I couldn't help but smile when I saw
the more affordable version from World Market
is now available in glorious green...

 And what's not to love about that?
If you too are drawn to stripes like me
you might want to peruse my pinterest board
totally dedicated to the love of stripes :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

octo obsessed

You may remember that among my many obsessions
I love this print by Lord Bodner...
I've obsessed about octopi here and here and here too.
 I refuse to spend over $2000
for anything.
Aside from a house or car.
Or diamonds. :)
Plus I like the triptych version even better
as seen here in Guiliana Rancic's son's room

Duke's Nursery
I know I listed tutorials on how to fake your own
version for less BUT today during my blog crawl
I noticed this tip on 6th street design school
 and clicked over to etsy
only to swoon and wonder
exactly where I could put
my own triptych...
via modern canvas on etsy

for only $310.
Much better than $2000.
Am I right?
and I know you're going to roll your eyes
especially if I have emailed you recently
to ask your opinion on what to do
on one certain wall in our family room.
You know.
The one that went from this
to this
and now
{don't judge}
to this
And yes the mirrors are hung too low.
Just didn't want to add any more nail holes
while I was trying them out.
And I will explain how I got the second one.
Its kind of funny.
In the meantime...
What to do????
Little problems I know.
But I'm so ready to be done with this room.
I'm sure you are too :)

Friday, April 25, 2014

house in the 'hood

I saw this home
and immediately
sent it to my husband.
I may have said
{I LOVE THIS HOUSE...hint hint.}
I'm the dreamer, he's the researcher.
Turns out its out of our school zone.
Little details.
Our kids are happy where they are.
Oh well...I'll continue stalking real estate daily.
You just enjoy this eye candy...

love this entry...don't you?
very inviting.
Don't you agree?

love the floor, the mirror,
the drapes and shades are hung to perfection...

reminds me I still haven't added the trim
to our new white curtains in the family room...
one day I'll finish my list.

I'm sorry but imperial trellis still gets me every time.
and the bookshelf styling...
also on my list to de-clutter mine.

love the bistro bar stools.
adding that to a list for someday...

this is how I know I could be friends
with the people that live here currently...
double happiness pots on the shelf
and a sunburst mirror.
I might have to look up their names
to let them know I'm in the 'hood
you know so we can hang out.

calm and serene.
loves it.

where do I begin?
love the mirrors behind the lamps.
love the color.
the bedding.
and the monogrammed shams.
I mean it.
These are my people.

Love this marble bathroom.
Perfection in my book.

Love the lights.
Yes please.
Bungalow 5 Jacqui nightstands.

This makes me want to have a little girl.
So that I can do a bedroom like this.
Or maybe my friends with girls
will let me do this to their house.
Who's in?
Clean and simple.
Just like a shared bathroom should be.
And clean.
I'll show this to my boys when they get home.
Clean is the look I'm going for at our home too.

I never thought I'd want to have a pool before
but this one looks manageable.

Right there
in the midst of all the geometric pillows
is where I'd be all summer long.
Watching the boys in the pool.

Honey...if you're reading this
think of all the energy
the boys would expend
day after day
swimming all day long?
I'm in if you are.
And if it lasts long.
Which it wont.
 Just saying.
My littlest little had a relapse
of strep a shot of penicillin today
so I'm hoping that's the end of the germ warfare
going on in our house.
We need him to feel better.

Hope you and yours have a happy weekend!

all images via my favorite

Thursday, April 24, 2014

three for thursday {C. Wonder finds}

Here are three things I'm coveting today...
These wrap dresses are divine
and remind me of DVF's
but at a fraction of the price...
You know I love me some geometrics
and who doesn't love an animal print?
Its also available in pink
{thought of you Christine :)}
Two is better than one right?
In that case
I think I need this shoe...
{especially at $48}
as well as this
around Christmas time :)}
and while we're at it
let's go big or go home...
orange + wedge = me loves.
I die.
Better stop now.
My "three for Thursday" has become "five for Friday."
Best part though...
all these lovelies can be found at the fabulous C. Wonder
where right now
you can score any of these
{and all other new arrivals}
for 25% off.
Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

words to live by

 quote made via
I saw these words
and thought them apropos
for both real life
and life in the blogosphere.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

high vs. my...{sunburst mirror}

In case you love the look of Wisteria's
"Sunburst on the Scene" mirror
but not the price tag
then you're going to love the Sole mirror
Only slightly smaller
{HD's is 35 inches in diameter
versus Wisteria's 41 inches}
for less than half the price
I'd say bigger isn't really better in this case.
Do you agree?
{they own Home Decorators...who knew?}
then you can get free to store shipping. :)
I love even better now, don't you?

Monday, April 21, 2014

just spotted on sale

the beautiful clock in our kitchen
is on sale...
for $47!
Plus free shipping!
Can you say deal of the day people!
I love this clock
and if you do too
well then today is your lucky day.
You're welcome :)

I spy...

with my little eye...
two things really...
the sea fan art in the top right picture
got my heart pumping.
I think you know I'm obsessed right now
Hold that thought for a minute though.
First I just wanted to point out something else.
Something blue.
In the bottom left picture above.
Remind you of anything?
Here's a hint...
Ringing any bells yet?
While I did not buy this particular one
you see here, the jelly fish,
seeing it in the pages of Coastal Living
made me love my new prints more.
Even though they're no longer on that wall.
Never fear they will be used.
If you dig jelly fish
then you too
can have this print...
{from my beloved overstock :) }
although based on the picture
and having bought some of these myself
it looks like the one in the magazine
is a framed print.
The one at overstock comes in a frame
with no matte involved.
{Although you can buy some unframed...
this one not so much.}
Ok back to the sea fans...
so you know that last week
I ran around like a mad woman trying to find
another big sea fan print like this one...
Persistence paid off.
Although I did have a run in
with a pair of male designers in Home Goods
who were shopping for a beach house reno.
I had criss crossed Houston going to various Home Goods.
Don't judge me please.
I told you I wasn't right.
Instead of stopping by my favorite taco place first
something told me to head straight to the store.
Tacos could wait.
I'm glad I listened to myself.
This shopping duo was two aisles away
from grabbing the twin I needed.
I walked in the store
and went straight to the aisle where I'd found the first one.
Lo and behold the angels sang that day
and I found my holy grail...

She shoots.
She scores!
And yes I know that I have every perplexus sold in stores
on my console table.
No smoke and mirrors here...this is how we roll.
Un-styled and toys galore. :)
Not sure if I'll add more to the wall.
Because I was lucky enough to score
some sea fans myself
while we were in Round Top.
The likes of which we also saw framed in shadow boxes
and selling for hundreds of dollars.
Um yeah.
Not happening.
I'll take my ten dollar sea fan.
Paint it with some spray paint.
And frame it myself in a shadow box
I saw last week for ten bucks
during one of my many trips to Home Goods.
Did I mention I bought my first glue gun last week
for a class project for my littlest little?
Coincidentally they are doing a kindergarten program
and his whole class are dressing as jellyfish.
Full circle people.
I just realized that.
How funny!
Anyway I have a glue gun now
and I'm not afraid to use it!
Stay tuned to see how long that little project
takes me to actually get done and document.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

'house in the hood

I remember when I first started
to regularly visit Houston.
We were long distance dating.
On the weekends
we would drive around
and look at houses in the
different neighborhoods.
Dreaming of where we would live.
This was in the days when the hubs
drove a sweet little convertible
and we had free time galore
to drive around and dream.
When we would get to the 'hood
where we live now
he would always tell me
not to fall in love with anything
because we probably couldn't afford it.
Lucky for us
I choose to jump over obstacles. :)
His grandparents actually
 owned a little house
in our 'hood
that we would drive by
and he would lose himself
in his memories for a minute
until the neighbors peered out their windows
to see what we were up to
just sitting in front of the house.
I think they got used to us after a while.
That house was knocked down
a couple of years ago.
That's what they do here.
Not complaining...just saying.
Some people rescue the old bungalows.
Some that are beyond repair
just get mowed down.
I get it.
When my mother-in-law comes to visit
I still drive her down that street
and she tells me her own MIL
is laughing in heaven to know
how much homes go for now.
She says that back in the day
(as in the 1950s and 60's)
her in-laws bought their home for under 10k
and when they sold it for something like 26k
they thought they'd won the lottery.
I think my peeps have heard that story a million times
since that street is on one of our running routes.
Sorry if that's number one million and one
that you've heard that.
Anyway...we did the smartest thing
real estate wise.
We bought the worst house on the block
then spent the following five years
fixing it up.
Two kids later
and unknowingly pregnant
with our third
our neighbors came over one morning
to tell us they were moving.
They left and my husband turned to me
and said we are buying their house.
Long story short
we put our lovingly rehabbed house
on the market immediately.
It sold within three days.
I'm happy that its still standing
and a sweet young couple live in it
and most importantly take care of it.
Some old homes are worth saving.
Others maybe not so much.
Anyway...just trying to say that
progress is happening
and thankfully more times than not
what people build now
around here are pretty awesome.
They keep me stalking
my favorite online real estate site.
Here's my favorite house
for sale in my 'hood this week.
No surprise it's sold pending.

I'm loving the dark trim in the windows.
I've been thinking about doing that above the kitchen sink.

You may notice some things not really styled
for these the junk in front of the door above.
Or the baby in its carrier below...

I guess they just knew this house would go quickly any way.
I guess they just took these shots with their iphone
because of these look like they edited them
with the iphone...don't you think?

not judging.
just saying...

not really a fan of industrial myself
but I found myself digging this light...

fireplace in the bedroom?
yes please.

and a little nook off to the side...

with an office en suite...

I'm in love with this bathroom...

I bet the owners are super athletic
owing to the pull up bar across the closet door.
I hate pull ups
so seeing this made me
automatically impressed
with them.
Oh and the beautiful bath tub...swoon!

Love these headboards...
And this...
is exactly what I want to do for our guest apartment.
The little kitchen nook above?
I think this might even be better
than the master bedroom in the main house...

Am I right?
Lastly for the littlest of littles...

Makes me want a girl.
But we're not.
We're done.
And the final pic...

 I spy a little fountain behind the column.
 I could see many a wine night
happening out here.
Who's with me?
all images via the fantastic

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