Monday, April 14, 2014

coastal finds

 I'm so happy that so many stores
are going coastal with their products.
I'm finding goodies everywhere.
Much to my husband's chagrin.
I about died the other day
when I went to Target.
Their new Threshold line is out of sight!
I'll take one of each.
Make that at least one.
Although I'm not a fan of the red coral...
you know I'm crazy for blue right now -
I know how to use spray paint
and I'm not afraid to do so!
Speaking of spray paint...
I saw this little table...

how cute would this be in red
for the boys' room?

I mean come on!
The top removes and becomes a tray.
How awesome is that?
You remember how I'm also
Well look at this mini version...

I'm in love.
Now all I need is more wall space.
And maybe another striped basket...

 See the one I snagged from homegoods
a few months ago.
Who knew striped baskets were so in?
Not me.
I just like green.
And you may be wondering why my sofa cushions
are all on the floor?
A little project I'm working on
called new slipcovers.
And no I am not sewing them myself.
I know my limits.
More on that soon.
Back to Target shall we?
I saw this aisle and immediately
thought of my friend Christine
who is working on her master bedroom

Loving the green pillow and tray especially...
Dang it why do they have to have so much
navy blue and coastal?
Me thinks I need me some of these...
Each aisle had better eye candy as I went...
Striped ottoman pouf.
three pretty please.
one for each little :)

large woven tray.
yes please.

Geometric pillow?
I'll take two.

and yes I'm still a sucker for chevron.
No matter what the color is...
How cute would this be on your back porch Lisa?
I'm not just on the hunt for myself.
I think of my peeps while I'm out and about.
Anybody searching for something specific?
I'd be happy to go back to Target
and scout around.
Let me know. :)


  1. Omg!!! My #2 and I are running to Target right now! Thx for the tip!!

  2. Omg!!! My #2 and I are running to Target right now! Thx for the tip!!

  3. Lots of great stuff at Target right now. I picked up one of those woven trays.

  4. Loving all the new goodies at Target. I have similar chevron pillows on my back porch and love them!!

  5. I saw all those goodies at my Target too. I loved the galvanized stools with wood seats and the poufs too! I saw on-line where someone took four cotton rugs for $4 each and made poufs just like that. I just cannot remember what she stuffed them with because I sat on the Target poufs and they are pretty firm. Target is definitely a dangerous store....go in for shampoo and find $150 of other things to get. Very dangerous!!


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