Tuesday, April 1, 2014

grow where you are planted

I recently updated the "about me" section
 in the right hand side bar.
Originally it just described me
based on what I'd named my blog.
It described at the time what my heart
was longing for...
a return to my deep southern roots.
Over the past three years of writing here
and in searching my heart
I realized that my heart
is where my family is
and although my "original" family,
my parents and my sisters,
still live in the sweet peach state,
my heart
{for now}
my roots
are firmly planted
 in the great state of Texas.
A place that was hard for me at first.
Especially the first few months
I spent driving around completely lost.
But H-town {or at least my little 'hood}
is where we're living and loving.
My heart pangs proud for Texas now
just as it does for Georgia.
It has settled in my heart
and for that
I am thankful.
I'm not feeling as restless as I once was.
I'll get back there one day, don't get me wrong.
I'll always be in a southern state of mind :)
I'm realizing that I can grow my boys
anywhere and everywhere
to be decent southern gentlemen,
who open the door for ladies
and use "yes ma'am"
"yes please"
and "no, sir"
like its second nature.
They already say "hi"
to every person they pass by
and yes ~
they drawl their "i's" out
with a southern sugary accent
just like me :)
I don't have to be in the deep south
to bring them up the way
I was raised in Savannah.
Where you pull over for a funeral procession
and turn your car's headlights on
to show respect
for the dead and their loved ones.
I remember telling my husband to do that one day
as a procession came towards us on the road here.
He told me I'd lost my mind.
That's how we roll in the South I told him.
You can take me out of the South
but you can't take the South out of me.
It has finally sunk in
that we can roll that way
anywhere we go.
It's ok to dream of moving back
but for now
 I'm telling myself this...

Good plan don't you think?


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