Thursday, April 17, 2014

high brow

I had to giggle when I saw
Liz at Fitness Blondie reference
her sister getting her eyebrows threaded
as sheer torture.
I get mine threaded regularly now
and its really not that bad.
I wouldn't lie to you.
If you're losing your eyesight
due to old age like me
and can't see the little hairs
on your own face
even when its pressed right up against a mirror
to save your life then you might just want to look
into threading or waxing...
I have sensitive skin so I do the thread.
Just saying.
And aren't you glad you now know
that I have sensitive skin?
Anyway I found my eyebrow guru
through my peep Laura
after I noticed her rocking brows one day.
She gave me the name of the lady who threads
both her and her teenaged daughter.
I figured if a thirteen year old
can take it then I could man up too :)
I mean I've had babies
how bad could it be?
I'm not saying its relaxing
but its not painful either to me.
I would tell you if it hurt.

If you need any brow help
here's what I suggest...
scout your friends' faces
{or whomever really}
and if you like their brows
see who they recommend.
The bashful go hungry...just ask.

Whether or not you choose to
thread, wax, or just pluck them yourself
I found a brow product recently
that I think rocks...

Pure genius in a stick.
One side is a highlighter
that you apply where
the highest part of your arch is,
the other is color that fills in any sparse areas.
If you're over 40 then you probably know
what I'm talking about.
What up with eyebrows getting thinner as we age?
Why cant it be my backside instead?
Some things will never make sense.
But at least there are companies like Clinique
that are offering great solutions
to life's little problems.
Make it great day my friends!


  1. I just recently found a fantastic product by benefit, similar to a mascara wand. It is amazing!

  2. This is my favorite clinique product. I love it!!

  3. I've tried threading once by my SIL's mom. It wasn't painful at all. She even taught me how to do it but have now forgotten. Thanks for the tip on the Clinique brow filler.


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