Wednesday, April 2, 2014

house in the 'hood

Here's another "new to market" home
in our neighborhood.
I'm in love with this slipcovered sofa...

I'm digging the white walls with gray trim.
Not to mention the topiaries and brown transferware.

These soapstone countertops
remind me of my old lab.
I think if this was my kitchen I might cook more.
Key word here is might. :)


I spy double happiness on the mantle.

And the seagrass rug cut to fit.
I wonder if Joni from Cote de Texas
designed this room???

I think my husband would love this for his office.
Heck, I would love this for MY office.
Wouldn't you?

Black toile in the bathroom...

and board and batten in the master.
Plus a claw foot tub.

I love this room and I know our boys would too.

I found my office...

I would if they'd leave their furniture for me?

I'm thinking this is the boys' new bunk room.

Perfect for morning coffee...

and the bonus room over the garage.
My boys call ours "the compartment."
I'm thinking my mother-in-law
would move in permanently with us
if she had this suite.

I sent the link to the hubs.
But he's a stickler for research
and the houses in our 'hood
typically sell within the first week.
I'm thinking this one is already gone...
don't you?
At least I have pictures to inspire
and maybe recreate :)
A girl can dream any way.
More painting for me today.
Hope you all have a terrific day!
all images via the fantastic


  1. I love when you put these houses on. I could move into that house - all furniture included- and not change one thing!! When I see a gorgeous house like that I always want to see what the seller's new house looks like!! Another great post!

    1. hi Katie! I love these posts too...I stalk real estate you know so why not spread the love :) now THAT is a great idea to look up the owner and find their new house but then I think that would qualify as real stalking...that reminds me of a funny story that i'll share soon in a post.

  2. ooo-nice! LOVE the backyard and back patio. houses always show well with seagrass!!!!!!

  3. It is a beautiful home....I love everything!


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