Friday, April 25, 2014

house in the 'hood

I saw this home
and immediately
sent it to my husband.
I may have said
{I LOVE THIS HOUSE...hint hint.}
I'm the dreamer, he's the researcher.
Turns out its out of our school zone.
Little details.
Our kids are happy where they are.
Oh well...I'll continue stalking real estate daily.
You just enjoy this eye candy...

love this entry...don't you?
very inviting.
Don't you agree?

love the floor, the mirror,
the drapes and shades are hung to perfection...

reminds me I still haven't added the trim
to our new white curtains in the family room...
one day I'll finish my list.

I'm sorry but imperial trellis still gets me every time.
and the bookshelf styling...
also on my list to de-clutter mine.

love the bistro bar stools.
adding that to a list for someday...

this is how I know I could be friends
with the people that live here currently...
double happiness pots on the shelf
and a sunburst mirror.
I might have to look up their names
to let them know I'm in the 'hood
you know so we can hang out.

calm and serene.
loves it.

where do I begin?
love the mirrors behind the lamps.
love the color.
the bedding.
and the monogrammed shams.
I mean it.
These are my people.

Love this marble bathroom.
Perfection in my book.

Love the lights.
Yes please.
Bungalow 5 Jacqui nightstands.

This makes me want to have a little girl.
So that I can do a bedroom like this.
Or maybe my friends with girls
will let me do this to their house.
Who's in?
Clean and simple.
Just like a shared bathroom should be.
And clean.
I'll show this to my boys when they get home.
Clean is the look I'm going for at our home too.

I never thought I'd want to have a pool before
but this one looks manageable.

Right there
in the midst of all the geometric pillows
is where I'd be all summer long.
Watching the boys in the pool.

Honey...if you're reading this
think of all the energy
the boys would expend
day after day
swimming all day long?
I'm in if you are.
And if it lasts long.
Which it wont.
 Just saying.
My littlest little had a relapse
of strep a shot of penicillin today
so I'm hoping that's the end of the germ warfare
going on in our house.
We need him to feel better.

Hope you and yours have a happy weekend!

all images via my favorite


  1. That looks like a Houston house for sure! I adore the floors and the entry door :) Yes, a pool to use up all that boy energy would be lovely!

  2. I tell you every week... I LOVE this series! If this house is priced right, I don't think this house will last 60 seconds. Gorgeous!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I love it too...its tempting...maybe the kids could make new friends? Just come first!

  4. Im with you, I love it all. What a fabulous house and great staging. It looks way more classy that the model homes Ive been in lately!!! That pool area is dreamy. I hope your husband gets it for you :) but more realistically I hope your little one feels better soon! Xo Nancy

  5. This house is everyone's dream home! Every part of the house is perfectly designed and very sophisticated. But my favorite part would have to be the pool. I could imagine having a lot of get-together parties being held there. How about you; what's your favorite part of the whole thing?

    Mitchell Knapp @ Scenic Landscaping


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