Monday, April 21, 2014

I spy...

with my little eye...
two things really...
the sea fan art in the top right picture
got my heart pumping.
I think you know I'm obsessed right now
Hold that thought for a minute though.
First I just wanted to point out something else.
Something blue.
In the bottom left picture above.
Remind you of anything?
Here's a hint...
Ringing any bells yet?
While I did not buy this particular one
you see here, the jelly fish,
seeing it in the pages of Coastal Living
made me love my new prints more.
Even though they're no longer on that wall.
Never fear they will be used.
If you dig jelly fish
then you too
can have this print...
{from my beloved overstock :) }
although based on the picture
and having bought some of these myself
it looks like the one in the magazine
is a framed print.
The one at overstock comes in a frame
with no matte involved.
{Although you can buy some unframed...
this one not so much.}
Ok back to the sea fans...
so you know that last week
I ran around like a mad woman trying to find
another big sea fan print like this one...
Persistence paid off.
Although I did have a run in
with a pair of male designers in Home Goods
who were shopping for a beach house reno.
I had criss crossed Houston going to various Home Goods.
Don't judge me please.
I told you I wasn't right.
Instead of stopping by my favorite taco place first
something told me to head straight to the store.
Tacos could wait.
I'm glad I listened to myself.
This shopping duo was two aisles away
from grabbing the twin I needed.
I walked in the store
and went straight to the aisle where I'd found the first one.
Lo and behold the angels sang that day
and I found my holy grail...

She shoots.
She scores!
And yes I know that I have every perplexus sold in stores
on my console table.
No smoke and mirrors here...this is how we roll.
Un-styled and toys galore. :)
Not sure if I'll add more to the wall.
Because I was lucky enough to score
some sea fans myself
while we were in Round Top.
The likes of which we also saw framed in shadow boxes
and selling for hundreds of dollars.
Um yeah.
Not happening.
I'll take my ten dollar sea fan.
Paint it with some spray paint.
And frame it myself in a shadow box
I saw last week for ten bucks
during one of my many trips to Home Goods.
Did I mention I bought my first glue gun last week
for a class project for my littlest little?
Coincidentally they are doing a kindergarten program
and his whole class are dressing as jellyfish.
Full circle people.
I just realized that.
How funny!
Anyway I have a glue gun now
and I'm not afraid to use it!
Stay tuned to see how long that little project
takes me to actually get done and document.



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