Tuesday, April 29, 2014

octo obsessed

You may remember that among my many obsessions
I love this print by Lord Bodner...
I've obsessed about octopi here and here and here too.
 I refuse to spend over $2000
for anything.
Aside from a house or car.
Or diamonds. :)
Plus I like the triptych version even better
as seen here in Guiliana Rancic's son's room

Duke's Nursery
I know I listed tutorials on how to fake your own
version for less BUT today during my blog crawl
I noticed this tip on 6th street design school
 and clicked over to etsy
only to swoon and wonder
exactly where I could put
my own triptych...
via modern canvas on etsy

for only $310.
Much better than $2000.
Am I right?
and I know you're going to roll your eyes
especially if I have emailed you recently
to ask your opinion on what to do
on one certain wall in our family room.
You know.
The one that went from this
to this
and now
{don't judge}
to this
And yes the mirrors are hung too low.
Just didn't want to add any more nail holes
while I was trying them out.
And I will explain how I got the second one.
Its kind of funny.
In the meantime...
What to do????
Little problems I know.
But I'm so ready to be done with this room.
I'm sure you are too :)


  1. Love the triptych!! Would be beautiful on that wall. However, I so understand not wanting to spend that much.

    1. just have to convince the hubs that we need a big blue triptych of an octopus. :)

  2. I think the octopus is making a comeback (If he was here to start with). I've seen them more and more. Such a fascinating creature, and the triptych is fabulous! It's artistic, beachy and scientific all at once!

  3. I'm sorry but the two mirrors make me think of hula girls. :/

    1. that's funny. reminds me of owl's eyes :) the second mirror is going to a friend's house this weekend to help stage her house for sale. :) thanks for reading!

    2. Owl's eyes, now that's what I'll see. I like the mirror so I hope you keep one and figure out a way to be happy with the wall. I have a wall like that that I painted last year. I took down the art and now it is empty, no nail holes, nothing. I have a round mirror in my foyer nearby so that is out. Sigh.

  4. Even Target has cute octopus prints. I kind of like the mirrors tho..


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