Tuesday, April 15, 2014

one thing led to another...more coastal finds

You know how it happens
when you're looking for something specific
you can never find it.
You may buy something else
that "will do for now."
Chances are right AFTER you settle
then you find the perfect thing.
How many times has this happened to you?
Well this exact thing happened to me on Friday.
Then again yesterday.
Behold...treasures I found at HomeGoods.
Forget what the frames look like.
Could you just die?
Because remember what I just bought...

I know.
I like these but something is off.

I wasn't even looking for anything.
I had time to waste so I stopped in at Home Goods last week.
I spotted this and fought several ladies who reached for this
and snagged it before anyone else could

I searched and searched for another one
but couldn't find one in store.
Walking to my car I spotted TJ Maxx in the same center.
I don't usually go in there
but that day I figured what the hay?
And look what I found...

two of these...
same size,
different frame from the homegoods one
but similar print.
Here's where I became obsessed.
I needed either
a) one more
b) a frame that matched the first better.
So I drove out to east bumble
to the other homegoods I knew of.
Where of course I found this...

same blue coral I'm in love with
but bigger
as in longer frame and size.
But I need another.
Not proud.
But true.
I'm leaving on a jet plane to go BACK AGAIN
to home goods this morning
even though I went to two of them yesterday
to see if I can find a match to this longer one.
I'm not well.
I know.
It ain't right.
Talk amongst yourselves.
In the meantime I did take pics for you
in case you too are either sick like me
or just like coastal finds :)


I got distracted.
this had me at sunburst...

this looked like an easy DIY project.
If you have a steady hand
and a spare canvas
I bet you could pull this off...

more shells in blue.

 I kept trying to stay focused
but I kept getting distracted.
This reminded me of the new PB Asher bedding...

but I digress...
back to coastal...

digging the seahorses...

sea shell tray anyone?

took everything I had in me
to walk away from the blue chevron tray...
I spy an oyster shell...painted.
made me think of painting the inside
of my oversized shell gold.

I spotted a TON of imperial trellis stuff...

in all colors...

this got me to thinking about some DIY
for some of my shell collection...

this is for my peep Susan
who needs one more small fishing float
for a display she has.
this one was on clearance because a bigger float
had escaped the bundle.

back home I hung the corals out to see what I liked best...

the hubs was not amused.
he said he liked the first set I scored from
uh oh.
he may have to be sad for a while...

if you see this item...
send out a mayday to me...

pretty please.
I need a second one please.
and yes I will be returning some of these.

so keep your eyes peeled if you're
at homegoods or tjmaxx.
and get ready to pounce :)
It might just be your lucky day.


  1. My car is getting worked on today but have plans to go to HomeGoods tomorrow with my daughter. I will check for you.

    1. I found one today!!!! hope your car is ok...:)

  2. Love! I will definitely give you a shout out if I see one. We have a HG just a couple miles up the road, but have at least 5 within 10-15 miles from us...hubby hates that fact ;-)

    1. thank you both for volunteering to look for me. but persistence paid off for me today and I scored another one! holla!

      thanks again!!!!!


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