Monday, April 7, 2014

Round Top!

I know I've been a bad blogger.
I'm sorry.
I try to post every day
but last week was a whirlwind.
I was painting like a mad woman.
More on that in another post.
Then we had unexpected house guests.
So all of that came to a screeching halt.
Its on my list today to find all the places
I crammed all my painting supplies
and everything I'd taken out of closets etc.
Also on my list...
Could my day get any better?
I know you're jealous.
Painting and taxes.
How 'bout a root canal if we can find the time?
Let's look at the positives...
as my husband pointed out to me
when I was complaining about the drop-in guests...
{remember it makes me nervous to entertain}
I got to go to Round Top all day on Friday.
That was my reward for the crazy week last week.
And what a day it was.
Like I tell my kids when I tell them we need to run errands...
you never know what we'll find.
Especially when you go to Round Top.
If you've never heard of it
its a little town outside of Houston.
Population 90.
{The sign used to say 77
but apparently there's been a boom.}
You can read more about it here too
Long story short
twice a year the area around it
becomes a mecca for people like me
who love decorating and old stuff.
Lucky for me
a bunch of my peeps
are into that kind of thing too
and these gals are professionals.
They know when to go,
how to get there
{as in you drive PAST Round Top to start shopping
then make your way back towards Houston
and avoid the miles of traffic at the end of the day
of the people who don't know that little tip.}
where the best bathrooms are,
where to eat lunch,
you know,
the important stuff.
Oh and did I mention they know how to tailgate?
More on that later.
Before I share my pics from the day
I have to apologize now for the lack of pictures.
There was so much eye candy
but not enough cellular towers out there.
Here's a big tip for Round Top...
one I neglected to do...
bring your phone charger.
This cannot be underestimated.
Your phone will drain itself
in an hour or so
out there searching for signals.
Its not shocking at all
to see people walking around
with their arms stretched up overhead
waving their phones
to send a text or get a call.
Take your charger
and every time
you get in your car
or near an outlet
charge your phone up.
You're welcome.
Let's show some pics...
Lots of letters again this year.
You cant tell but this one is five feet tall!
I thought it was a great deal at $250.
I'd priced them for a friend online recently
whose last name starts with an "S"
and they were a fraction of the size
and over $500!
The ones online were smaller like this size....
This one at Round Top?
22 inches tall for 65 smacks.
Now please forgive the curse word
but I liked the sentiment
in this sign I saw...
In case your eyes are like mine
allow me to paraphrase...
"I'm not a princess.
I don't need saving.
I'm a queen.
I've got this {stuff} handled."
Kind of sums up most women doesn't it?
Or so I'd like to think.
I bought some things from this one shop
where the guy had a bunch of coastal things.
This diving helmet had me kicking myself.
See the price?

Well my bachelor neighbor offered me one
he was getting rid of for $20.
And I passed for fear
my kids would put it on
and it would get stuck
and they'd die.
I know.
Paranoia destroy ya.
I should have taken it
and put it in the attic!
This guy had a ton of coral and shells.


 Large clam shell anyone?
This one was priced at $500.
Too steep for my budget.
Plus I already got one from Sav-On crafts.
For $50.
And yes I did pick up another glass fishing float.
But only one.
{this time.}
You would have been proud of me.
I passed up on so many.
I got home and surveyed my shelves.
Plenty of room.
Could have bought all the ones I passed on.
There's always the fall y'all!
Round Top is twice a year! :)
This is where my battery fizzled out.
I had to conserve energy in case my kids school called.
As we were heading back towards Houston
for the show at Blue Hills
I grabbed this shot...

Still wondering if the antique cows
were faux or just really old :)

The bluebonnets were ah-mazing!

In case you don't know
Round Top is basically in the middle of farm country.
God's country.
Its simply beautiful.

Next to last stop...
Blue Hills.
Last year I thought it was the best show in Round Top.
This year, not so much.
Two reasons...
one...we went towards the end of show.
Two...the prices went WAY up.
Several things I'd seen at the fall show
were now marked up by over fifty percent.
I don't think I bought anything here.
But my friends did.
Meet Shakira...

Let me explain a couple of things.
That's my friend Rena...
who celebrated early retirement last week!
After  34 years in the same job I might add.
Congratulations Rena!
She's a superstar.
And super funny I might add.
I hope we hang out a lot now that she's free during the day :)
Shakira is the red rooster.
from the story we all read
over at the bloggess.
that the bloggess bought her husband
after he told her not to buy any more towels
on one of her shopping excursions with her BFF
then go read it now.
But only if you don't mind curse words.
Its hysterical
but its riddled with them.
Be forewarned.
You cannot read it with a kid around
that's for sure.
Or at work.
Just saying.
So the past few times we've gone to RT
we've seen these metal roosters
at various places for sale.
And we all joke about what our husbands
would do if we brought one home.
Well this year Rena's husband
sweetly suggested no more demijohns for her.
Since you know,
she'd brought home three huge ones
in prior years.
I'm a bad influence.
What can I say?
While Rena didn't purchase Shakira
we may have texted her husband
the picture above
with the caption...
"make room for these."
And maybe we sent this one too...
and said
"they're loading them for delivery now."
I mean, come on,
how could we resist taunting him
especially when these guys
just happened to be moving these huge cupolas?
It was kismet.
And Shakira?
She came home with our friend Erin.

I mean who could resist right?
And that cooler?
Filled to the brim
with fresh fruit and cheeses.
and had a little wine and cheese party picnic in the parking lot
as the sun set before we went in to do a little more shopping.
I'm telling you...
I have the best girlfriends ever!
Thanks ladies for letting me tag along again.
As always, I had the best time.
Once I find where I hid all my treasures from Round Top
just before our houseguests arrived
I'll be sure and post some pics. :)
Until then hope you have a terrific day!


  1. GREAT post. Wish I had been with you. I explored a new big monthly flea market here yesterday…lots of letters but no chickens. :)

  2. I am dying to go to Roundtop! It is on my bucket list...your friend's poor husband...but I had to chuckle!!


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