Wednesday, April 9, 2014

smoke and mirrors

I wrote this last month
but thought today was a good day
to publish part of it
when I saw this post on
Danielle Oakey Interiors...

I pin a lot.
then that's not really a surprise to you.
Its a great place for inspiration.
I'm sure you already know that.
But recently I was admiring some pins
and I felt this pang in my heart.
Like wow! I wish my house could look like that.
That feeling lasted only for a brief minute
until I remembered
from a few "behind the scenes" blog posts
I've seen
{that only a few bloggers really share}
and its the truth.
That all these beautiful pictures
we see in magazines and on some blogs
are styled to look impeccable.
Magazines hire stylists
who bring loads of things
to jazz rooms up.
I think its safe to say that when they leave
those things go back with them.
Then its back to reality.
I'm sure other bloggers do
just like I do when I take pictures
specifically to post on my blog -
a lot of times
I'm cleaning and clearing
and taking stuff out of the camera shot.
So for one brief instant you see the perfect shot.
But lets face it
and be honest
my house isn't picture perfect all the time.
You know why?
Because I'm busy living in my house.
As are three little tornadoes
ages nine, nine, and five.
One day my house will stay clean
for longer than three minutes.
I am thankful to now know
that one day
all too soon
I am gonna miss
these crazy messy days
of an imperfect house
with my littles messing it up.
 I just wanted to remind you of that
in case you too
are having "picture envy"
pictures don't always tell
the whole story.
and that's OK too. :)

But as for me -
I'm fighting my OCD tendencies
the best I can...
I know perfection does not exist
I know that
what you see
is all smoke and mirrors.
So this is my goal
for design
{and life}


Speaking of progress...
I've got to get back to painting.
Almost done :)
Stay tuned for pictures...
and yes,
I will most likely
clean up before taking any :)

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