Friday, April 18, 2014

what's going right

Not sure exactly what to say today.
Bet you're thinking
"now that's a first."
You did, didn't you?
I have a ton of drafts saved
but today is just one of those days
where I'm wondering to myself
what exactly are you getting done?
In life and in general.
A friend jokingly called me a shopaholic recently.
It kind of stung.
I know she was teasing
and didn't mean anything mean by it.
But it made my heart pang.
Like is that what people really
think I do all day with myself?
It's not.
I can assure you.
I think. :)
If I WAS a shopaholic
then I wouldn't carry a list
with "want/need" items
that are about five years old.
For realz.
But I love a deal.
And I'm a nerd
so I have a list I carry
of things I have my eye on
and measurements etc.
Remember I don't like to pay full price for anything.
But I also have a weird memory for things
like if you tell me you're looking for something
in particular then when I'm out and about
and I see your xyz item
and it makes me think of you
then rest assured I will send you a text
or an email
or a smoke signal
to let you know what and where it was.
But that happens not just stuff you can buy
but like when I recently saw an exhibit
at the fine arts museum
I texted my friend who was a professional ballerina
and told her they had the dancer by Degas
so that she could see it in person.
I don't know.
Am I grasping for straws here?
Enough with the pity party.
I'm moving on.
Let's look at what's going right shall we?

Last night as we were playing
the endless "what's for dinner" game
my littles were belly-aching
about the choices we put forth.
Finally my husband said enough.
Then he reminded us all
that it was the anniversary of
the Last Supper
and how we should all get a grip
and count our blessings.
He's better than I deserve.
Am I blessed or what?

You may know that
I have a triathlon coming up.
Until about two weeks ago
I haven't been in a pool since last summer.
The swim whisperer
{aka the divine lady who taught me to swim
at the ripe old age of forty one}
moved to California recently.
If you've been reading this blog for a while
you will know that I grew up
petrified of the water.
Yet I grew up on an island.
Go figure.
But after years of thinking about it,
debating it,
contemplating it,
I just decided to do it.
I conquered my fears
and learned how to swim.
Yay me!
But as with a lot of things in life
when you get out of the habit
of doing something
its a real *$(#*)(! to get back into it.
So a few weeks ago
one of my peeps who's also registered
for the triathlon
called it and said I think we should
actually get in the pool
don't you?

So we went early one Sunday morning.
I got in and immediately panicked.
I spent the first 10 or 20 minutes
just watching people swim
and blowing bubbles in the water.
I know.
It was like I was two.
My peep was swimming laps
and stopped to ask if I was ok.
{I think I forgot how to swim.}
I told her.
{I'm not even kidding.}
She said just play around.
It'll come back to you.
So I practiced every thing I could remember
the swim whisperer made me do
when we first started lessons.
Superman floats where you just push off the wall
and glide as far as you can.
Things like that.
Then I went through my list...
the list I'd made of all the moves I need...

When I said I'm a list maker I wasn't lying.
So I'm in the pool trying to remember my list
and I'm seriously beating myself up.
Like berating myself in my mind
for not doing the list,
not getting the breath right
because I literally feel like I'm dying
and finally finally finally
I told myself to get a grip.

I'm thinking that's the better way to live.
Concentrate on what's going right
instead of what's going wrong.
I was there.
In the pool.
Making it back and forth
across the pool.
One lap at a time.
That's all I
or anyone else can ask.
Just like in life
do the best you can.
It's all about choices.

I'm choosing all of the above.
How about you?
What ever you choose
I hope you have a Happy Easter.



  1. Love this Nancy! I too have a tendency to rattled off everything that is going wrong, rather than feel blessed for all I have and all that has gone right and is going right.
    Hope you have a Blessed Easter!!

  2. for someone that hates reading, you make it fun! happy easter nancy!!!


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