Wednesday, May 21, 2014

another fabulous flash sale

This post is for one of my blog friends Tery
who's littlest little has more than one teacher
to buy end of the year gifts for.
I'm thinking she should buy one of these

with the appropriate letter
and call it a day.
On sale for $5.99 each.
Another idea if you have a teacher you really
Get it?
Well you can "get" this little plate for $10.
Perfect for paperclips and other what not on their desk at school
or for their earrings at home.
I don't think any teacher would not love being told she is loved.
Am I right?
Along the same lines as a jewelry tray
here's a sweet deal...
a four pack of coasters for $12.99.
Gift one each
and maybe a little note
to explain that they should use it as a jewelry tray
and voila
four gifts in one.
Is that wrong?
If you think so
then how about this...
You know this is my favorite.
And not because its $4.99 per set.
It had me at chevron + monogrammed.
Those two forever go together don't they?
Hurry though...
the C. Wonder flash sale ends tonight!


  1. Very cute. Can also be used for a grad if you don't want to just give a gift card. Thanks fo the tip!

    1. perfect! I actually know a few grads now that I think about it. :)

  2. I LOVE YOU! You are a pro! Definitely a personal shopper. I love them all- very cute ideas.
    Especially love the mugs and note cards.

    Thank you!!,

    1. I know. I wish someone would pay me to shop for deals for them. wouldn't that be the life? :)


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