Tuesday, May 27, 2014

date night find

The hubs and I snuck out for a little date night last week.
Because we're super nerdy
we chose a behind the scenes tour of the
the Magna Carta currently on loan
to the Houston Museum of Natural Science.
It was beyond cool.
I wish we could've taken pictures of it.
Trust me.
This is one exhibit worth a drive to see.
Ok...I did take one, without a flash, and only
 in the outskirts of the exhibit
where they explain about the history of the document
and where it came from...
What is it right?
Well its a faux mural of Hereford Cathedral in England
the gracious lender of the Magna Carta to Houston.
Now you're probably wondering why I was even interested in this.
I knew it reminded of something I'd seen.
Sure enough when I got home and checked
I found my link to these lovelies...

I wonder if this is where the museum
had this mural made?
In any event I found this company
called anewall
as in
 "A New Wall"
I stumbled on this company
when looking for coastal landscapes.
They carry more than murals...
How cool would it be
to frame these separately
and hang on a long wall...
especially for an Anglophile like me.
In case you cant tell its
With the same thought for a large grouping
they also carry various maps like this one of Paris
I know you've seen these groupings before like this...
and just when you'd think it couldn't get any better
they also carry a line of "word" art.
This is my favorite and may be going in my kitchen...
So if you're in the mood for something new
at least something new on your walls
check out this new to me company
Best part?
If you pin or share one of their products
you will instantly get a code for 15% off.
And what's not to love about that?


  1. Love the artwork from Wisteria. It's even prettier in real life. They used to have it at their outlet across from Love field. Have a great week, Nancy!

  2. I took a look at their site. It's really nice with some cool things I would like. I think your date sounds much better than a pizza and a movie!


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