Friday, May 16, 2014

happy birthday

Three years ago today I started this blog.
Happy Birthday to my little blog. :)
Happy, happy birthday also to my littlest little Zb.
He turns six today!
Hope you don't mind me repeating this birthday wish
that I wrote to him in that first blog post...

happy birthday my sweet love!
what will you do in this life little zb?
where are your dreams going to take you?
no matter what
or where
I know its going to be good.
you and your brothers are going to soar.
now only to tell myself to breathe,
let go
let you all fly.
How did time pass by so quickly?
How did he get so B I G?
I always joke that he is a big mess

a whirling dervish,
a bucky ball of energy,
and yes, he is all those things
AND he has managed to wrap
both his father and I
around his little finger.
It's Zb's world alright.
We're just living in it.
And boy are we blessed to do so.
He lost his first tooth over the weekend.
Just when I thought he couldn't get any cuter...
his little snaggletooth grin is killing me.
I should have known the day he was born
how it was going to be...
I had to have another C-section to deliver him.
I was petrified to say the least
after the surprisingly early
and chaotic delivery of our twins.
That birth was not what I had planned
when dreaming of having my first child.
{Think zen birth with a doula and acupuncturist :)}
Thankfully we had a "normal" pregnancy with Zb
but still I was afraid that something bad would
happen while in delivery.
I remember just laying there by myself,
all prepped and vulnerable to the world
{if you've given birth you know what I'm talking about}
waiting for them to let my husband in.
My sweet doctor was there,
talking to me as she worked,
trying to keep me calm.
I just laid there silently praying,
begging God to not let us have to go
to the NICU with this one.
I do not want a repeat of that experience.
Finally my husband arrived.
I don't think either one of us spoke.
We were in our own little worlds.
I'm sure he was praying too.
I remember the feeling of tugging.
She said "there's a foot."
She put it back in.
"Here's his hand."
Put it back in.
I'm kind of feeling nauseous at this point.
She said "Come on baby.
Where are you?"
She's tugging and pulling.
It was taking a few minutes to find his head.
Then very calmly she said
"can someone please call the NICU
and send somebody in?"
That memory alone makes me cry every time.
I don't want to do this again.
I said it out loud this time.
She was working so hard to get him out.
She joked that he was so comfortable inside me
that he didn't want to come out.
She jokingly said words I will never forget
but at the time didn't really think much of:

"he is definitely going to do things his own way in life."

That's my baby.
Always doing things his own way.

While that's been a little problematic
while he's little
{he's thrown some major hissy fits
to get us to give in to his demands :)}
I know that one day
THAT trait
is going to serve him well in life.
He's got it.
If we only knew then
how true the prediction our doctor made
about him doing things his way would turn out to be.
Finally she found his head.
She got him out.
We all waited.
Finally he let out the loudest, most glorious cry
I have ever heard in my entire life.
And the NICU doctor waiting to rescue him said
"Nope. I think he's good."
Of course he checked him out anyway :)
and we spent the next three glorious days,
just the three of us
together in the hospital
getting to know each other.
It was heaven.

And if you'll indulge me one more story from that day...
my sister-in-law brought our twins up to meet the baby.
We had heard that to make the transition easier
we should buy a gift for the older siblings
and tell them that the new baby
brought it to them.
You know,
so they'd dig the new baby.
They came in sheepishly
and spent a few minutes inspecting him.

They asked how long he was going to stay with us.
At which point I brought out the gift.
Which was gift wrapped and
 in a Target bag for easier transport.
We said here is a present from your new baby brother
because he was SO excited
that y'all would be his big brothers.
Without missing a beat one of the twins
looks at the gift and goes
"I didn't know they have a Target in heaven."
I love the way their minds work don't you?

Happy Birthday sweet Zb.
I'm so happy and blessed to be your mom.



  1. Oh how sweet is this - and yes, they grow up so quickly. Loved reading every word and seeing how his personality has developed….just adorable. Happy Birthday to Zb and to your beautiful and inspiring blog!!

  2. Precious. Happy Birthday to your sweet little one. Loved the twins' statement. Outta the mouths of babes.

  3. What a precious birthday story! My baby also brought the big brother a gift, but I guess the angels did the shopping instead of him going to the heavenly Target! What a hoot! The youngest one is always a handful, but they will definitely make their marks on the world!

  4. So sweet Nancy, happy birthday to your sweet boy and congrats on your 3 year blog birthday!!! Wishing you and he great things to come. xo Nancy

  5. What a cutie pie!!! Hope he had a wonderful birthday. Congrats on your 3 year anniversary!! You always put on a great post. Here's to many more years of writing!


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