Tuesday, May 13, 2014

house in the 'hood

Lots going on this week
in trying to get ready for our littlest little's birthday.
Six years old.
How'd that happen?
In the meantime I found my favorite house
in our 'hood for you to drool over.
At least I'm drooling.
You tell me if you like it :)
I think you will...
I mean
what's not to love about this kitchen?
Maybe I'd change the pendants over the island.
But its not a deal breaker for me.
Is it for you?
I'd just stare at the Shaw sink instead.
and the floors...
I'm L O V I N G these floors!
Is it wrong that I already have a furniture arrangement plan in my head?
If it is then I don't want to be right. :)
Love the separate butler's pantry area
With wine storage.
Nice little half bath off the entry...
Love the door knobs.
Just saying.
A mudroom with storage cubby
and a built in desk?
Yes please.

That leaves the front entry less cluttered.
Looks like the Hubs would have his own office up front.
 I love the way they used sliding doors between
the office and dining room...
You KNOW I love that light in the dining room.
Let's go upstairs shall we?

 This area looks perfect for a kids hang out.

and these lucky ducks
score some sweet bathrooms....

I never had a bathroom like this
or this
growing up.
Did you?
or a bedroom this lovely...
Especially the master...
and get ready for the bath...





Wish I could ask the builder -
why do you put a cheap florescent light box
in the master closet of a 1.5 million dollar house?
Please explain this to me.
Enough complaining.
Let's focus on the positives.
 Marble in your laundry anyone?

And look at all the storage in this laundry room.
Do you know many toys I could hide in here?
 I spy a herringbone pattern under foot.
Unfortunately it already is.
That's ok.
You see.
Every time I see a house nearby that I covet
my husband reminds me that to move
we'd have to leave our neighbors.
They are very dear to us
and one of them has been bravely battling cancer.
I don't want to leave right now.
Our hearts are here.
But a girl can still dream :)
all images via my beloved






  1. Stunning! And agree, what is with that light fixture in the Master closet??!!

  2. OMG OMG wow. Someday right?! This is just a stunning home. Those built-ins at the top of the stairs had me weak in the knees. Just lovely.

  3. Nice has great would be fun to decorate it!

  4. You know I love this series and I look forward to it every week. This house is a gem. I would buy it in a minute. If I had the cashola, that is. Have a great day, Nancy!

  5. Wooweee! What a house! I think my favorite thing are the built in bookcases at the top of the stairs. I can decorate a horizontal surface in no time at all. the front room wouldn't be an office for me. I'd put a grand piano there. Not that I have one. But I'd go get one!
    Thanks for the tour. I hope you didn't break in.


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