Thursday, May 29, 2014

house in the 'hood

Well, again, right outside my hood.
Just keeping it real.
You might guess that I stalk look
at houses every day...
whether I'm driving around
or on the computer,
or I-phone.
Yes my beloved real estate site
has an app
good news for you
I figured out how to use it!
Again this house is not in my exact 'hood
but one I drive through to get to 
one of my favorite stores.
Home Goods.
So naturally what do
I do when I get home?
I look up that zip code. :)
The exterior of this house is what stopped me in my tracks.
It reminds me of Highgrove.
For you non-Anglophiles
that's the name of Prince Charles's country house.
I told you my mind is full of useless trivia :) 
Now let's look inside.
After all window shopping is free...

Is anyone else creeped out by the doll on the wall?

Let's move on to the kitchen area shall we?


I love the symmetry of the this room.
A slice of perfection if you ask me...





Wonder if I could just buy the pool house?



In my dreams
I'll be on the chaise lounge above.
There's room for you too.
Its still available.
Let's sit a spell,
put our heads together
figure out
how to come up with
$7.7 million.
Any ideas?
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  1. Geeze Louise!!!! I love EVERYTHING about this house! I could even put up with the doll on the wall if I had to! Swanky and fine all around!
    Thanks for the tour and giving me something to work for!

  2. You know this is my FAVORITE series in blogland. You can NEVER stop writing this. WOWZA what a house!! And that pool house is to die for. I always wonder why the house is on the market, especially one as pretty as this one. BTW - just realized I was not a follower of your blog. So now I am your newest and oldest follower! Have a wonderful day, Nancy!!

  3. wow is this gorgeous, inside and out. I love the kitchen and those cantaloupe velvet sofas in the LR. Beautiful! xo Nancy

  4. Love it but that doll is creepy. What the heck?! Love the pool house -that would be my favorite place.

  5. Ummm--I would totally buy that if I had $7.7 million! You are so sweet to check-in on me--all is well here, just busy with a new job, which is a good "problem" to have! ;-)

  6. This house belongs to Carol Glasser. A 25 year veteran designer from Texas. You can see and read all about her work on Joni Webb's blog Cote De Texas. Glasser is one of my all time favorites. The creepy doll will be explained as well!

    1. Hi Traci! I knew it looked's two links to Joni's posts about this house.
      and here

  7. Holy crap! This house is beautiful. I wonder why my taste is always for something waaaay outta my budget!


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