Friday, May 9, 2014

it's official

I've lost my mind.
"Congratulations Nancy!
You are officially registered for the
   2015 Chevron Houston Marathon"
I've been thinking about this
and talking about this
and ruminating about this
for a very long time.
Then every time I run a half marathon
at about mile ten or so
I'm like
"thank God this is only a half.
I cant imagine doing two of these today."
But I'm going for it.
Did you know I'm in my 40's?
I said it.
And yeah.
I'm scared.
But I've also cried twice today
when thinking about whether or not to do it.
Because deep down I know I can do this.
I know my peeps are behind me.
Plus two of them lost their minds too
and we're doing it together.
Tarsy and Laura I love you ladies for this.
The hubs was so sweet yesterday
when I told him I wanted to do it.
Honestly I was stunned when he said
"I think you should go for it.
This is something you've wanted to do for a long time."
Because training is gonna be ugly
and its a big time commitment for the runners
but also for their families.
Couldn't you just hug him?
I'll do it for you :)
I know how hard its going to be
I also know how proud I'm going to be of myself
and how I do not want to go to my grave
regretting NOT doing something I've contemplated
for so long.
Because I don't want to NOT do something
just because it scares me.

Together my peeps and I, well, we're in it to win it baby.
Ok, we wont be winning it...
we're gonna finish it.
And I'm putting it out there on here
because I'm not gonna let myself back out.
So next January meet me here to see the recap
and in the mean time
you can hear
about all my breakdowns and training mishaps.
I'll try to keep real but on the positive side too.
But I'm hoping you too
might be inspired to do something that scares you,
something outside your comfort zone...
because this is going to be W A Y
outside mine
in more ways than one.
Now let's do this thing.
Wish me luck.
Better yet
pray for me and my peeps.

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