Saturday, May 24, 2014

marathon training - day one

I didn't sleep well last night.
Even though I went to bed at 7pm.
Don't judge.
I'd woken up yesterday morning at 3:30am.
I know.
Something's definitely wrong with me.
I wake up most days between 3:30 and 4:30am.
{I'm shaking my head too.}
Anyway so that's why by 7pm last night
I had to excuse myself from the game
we were playing called "Life"
and went to lay down in bed.
Just about the time I fell asleep
then two,
then my third little
came running in
and each with a jump
worthy of Olympic athletes
they catapulted into my bed
with a big, loud,
"What'cha doing Mom?"
Apparently they missed all the talks we've had
about being respectful of people when they're asleep.
This is a part of the reason my body clock is so whack.
Once I managed to skooch them into their own beds
and go back to sleep I started dreaming.
Here's the dream that was on a loop in my mind.
I had a race to run
I couldn't find any of my running gear.
After about the fourth version of this same dream
I woke up.
Now most days I don't remember my dreams.
This one I did.
So I wake up thinking
"Huh? That was weird.
Because I have plenty of running gear
wait a minute.
Training starts today."
I'm scared.
See - last weekend we ran
with our peep Adrienne
who trained for
and ran a full marathon
that we signed up for
{my peeps and I}
More on that in a different post if you're interested.
when we ran with our marathon pro peep A.
we were cranking it
at around an 8:45
then down to 8:30 minutes per mile pace.
Maybe you're faster
but for this old broad
that is F A S T.
We ran only a short distance with her
like three or four miles
at this pace,
getting faster as we ran.
And we did it but
I was dying.
And she goes
"Oh well that's how fast you'll train at
so you better get used to it."
I look at my peeps that signed up with me
on this nightmare mission
and I'm like
"Did you hear that?"
Panic set in.
For me at least.
We three decided she was nuts
{love you A. :)}
and agreed we'd wait until today to decide
whether to panic what to do.

So this morning met up with our Galloway training group.
We met so many lovely people.
I'm telling you runners are the nicest people.
They are.
Very few bad eggs...
I'd say 99% of the runners I've passed by
or met are super nice and helpful and friendly.
Then we met our group leaders,
Donna and Michelle,
our dynamic duo who
will lead our runs.
Everybody divides into their little groups
according to pace.
Everyone set their watches for GPS
and then our timers.
At seven sharp the group administrator says
"Ok. We're leaving by pace,
fastest runners first.
Donna and Michelle.
Your group goes first."
Me: WHAT????
Those are our group leaders.
There's gotta be a mistake!
We're first?
They think we're the fastest?
Somebody help.
Ain't no way."
But I run.
Because my peeps take off.
So I go after them.
And Jeff Galloway is running with our group.
And I cant quit now.
So I run.
 I'm already exhausted.
Then the lovely A. says
"we're running an 8:30 pace"
You know.
Because I didn't believe her
when she said
that would be the training pace.
I'm more of a 9:30 or more kind of girl
depending on the weather.
I look at my peep Laura.
We're both looking like deer in the headlights.
Not Laura.
It was all me with that look.
A bit of
what have we done
mixed with
what are we gonna do
 how we gonna do this
at this pace
And then I start writing this blog post
in my head to pass the time.
And I start laughing
when I tell Laura I'm doing it.
And so she laughs.
Mind you this is less than three minutes in
to training for a full marathon
and I know this because
there goes the bell signaling a walk
and Jeff Galloway
my running hero and guru
says goodbye to our group
saying he prefers a different pace
ie slower pace but quicker intervals
and I'm thinking
"wait! JEFF! WAIT!
take me with you."
But I don't.
This is what I signed up for.
Nobody said it would be easy.
So I stay.
And the longer we ran
the more comfortable the pace became.
And I'm thinking in my head
Is a run ever really comfortable?
Not really.
It's work.
Suck it up.
You want this.
Go and get it.
You got this."
I hereby promise
my peeps Tarsy and Laura
that I will try to remain as positive as possible.
But if I tell you I'm falling over
could each of you please
grab a leg and just
drag me across the finish line.
Because I want this race.
I want my grandkids to find my marathon medal
one day in a drawer when I'm old
and think their grandma was a rocking cool lady
who believed in herself
and knew there was nothing she couldn't do
if she put her mind to it.
I'm in.
And I'm going all the way baby.
26.2 miles
You better ready.
We're coming for you.


  1. Good luck Nancy! Just getting out of bed is a fete for me. Have a great weekend!


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