Tuesday, May 6, 2014

moving around

Nothing is static at my house.
I think you know that by now.
Every thing {and every body} is always moving about.
I finally put some items on the newly painted
thrifted campaign dresser in our entry...
I snagged this bamboo tray at
my home away from home
Home Goods...
Yes I will cut the tags off the tray.
One day.
When I'm sure it will stay for more than a month.
The starfish I snagged at Round Top last month for $5.
The double happiness porcelain
is actually the top to a huge double happiness vase
I scored a few years ago
from Nell Hills.
It was $20...the whole vase.
Unfortunately she doesn't carry them anymore.
Because you know I emailed her to ask.
This was when I first started collecting
and didn't realize how popular they would become.
Or how expensive since everybody
and their brother wants one too.
Mark that under the category "who knew?"

Do I need -
Or is it just right?
For now any way.
 I'm moving on...
cant believe its May already.
School's almost out and I've
got lots of projects to finish.



  1. I say, "just right!" I can't get enough trays. They are so practical and decorative. Just like me! Hahahahaha! (you notice I didn't say they were good for organizing!)

  2. I think it looks great. Love the blue and white vase. Miss Round Top so much.


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