Wednesday, May 28, 2014

phone dump

I hope this post doesn't blow your phone up
because of the number of pictures.
Just thought I'd dump them here
hope that's ok...
Just kidding.
A little.
I found this card at World Market.
I took a picture
since it reminded me of the ones
preppy empty nester shares on her blog.
This one's for you Katie :)
If you need a card for someone
go check out their card section.
They have a new line called
that are beyond hysterical.
More World Market finds...
I was looking for some affordable furniture
for my friend Allison
who asked for a little help
staging her house to sell.
More on that in another post...

I like the trays don't you?

and how cute would this be on a patio?

Reminded me of Williams Sonoma towels...

I didn't get anything at WM this time.
I was still looking for Allison
so I moved on to Target
where I found this cool rug on clearance...

I also found this little box on clearance too.
It mysteriously found its way into my cart.
I was looking for Allison
but you know how I feel about imperial trellis.
Especially knock offs thereof...

Hello new pencil case.
You make me happy
with the most mundane things...
paper and pen storage for my big purse.
Now I always know where you are. :)
I did manage to resist the hanging file folders...

And I'm loving these storage bins
with the little nod to campaign furniture details...

You know how I love me some Tracy Anderson videos...
these are terrific exercise dvds.
Just saying.

Speaking of Target
the rugby striped duvet from there
arrived and I love it...

I moved around the pictures
and the little green shelves
{also from Target}
got moved into
what I think now resembles a robot shape.
How funny is that?
More randoms from his room...

the one he doesn't sleep in anymore.
Since we pushed the twins' twin beds together...

Yes our three littles all sleep together now.
And I'm happy to report we all sleep much better now.
And I'm still moving things about in their room too.
On the walls...
and bigger items too...

We did manage to find something at Target
for's a hint.
I die for these chairs and that table.
Love them all.
More on that in another post though.
I keep saying that don't I?
Let's keep this random shall we?
Here's a pretty pic...

This is one of the running trails we do.
Very nice and shady in the summer.
And apparently the car drove itself
back to homegoods that day...
let's say it was for Allison again. :)
I was thinking of getting this temple jar

and then spray painting it a different color.
And of course I paused to look at everything coastal...

Yes another sea fan...

This was by Trowbridge
which I think normally run in the hundreds of dollars.
This one was $80.
A good price.
Just not a good enough price for me. :)
These chevron inlaid boxes?
Saw them the same week
on One Kings Lane.
For a fraction of the price.
Just saying.
This vase too ...

but in a different colorway.
More octopus....

And I nearly bought this for my guys...

I put that down and picked up these instead...
Also on OKL that week.
Again in a different color way.
Think I pinned them if you're interested.
These I found at my favorite thrift store...

where I also spied a huge geometric light
that reminded me of a Circa piece...

I'm still trying to figure out
how to style the newly painted campaign dresser.

I grabbed this little tray at home goods
since I like to throw keys on this table.
This way I'm hoping I don't ruin the paint job.
So far so good.


Took this picture one morning
coming home from bootcamp.


The moon is still out when I get home.
No wonder I'm tired by about 4 every day.

Lots to do today.
What's on your agenda?


  1. Love the phone dump! I am so random sometimes it drives my husband crazy! I swear I am always talking to myself in my head yet think everyone is able to hear or know what I am talking about...I need help! I saw that crab in HomeGoods and it almost came home with me. I just need more walls. I love how your campaign dresser looks-love the tray too! Sounds like you are having fun helping Allison

  2. Nancy I love that pic of the pug!!! Too funny! Between WM, Target, Homegoods, and the thrift store... I call that the perfect day!! Love that all the little ones sleep together... I would sleep a lot better too. The bedrooms look great. Doesn't Target have great stuff. I was just in there buying cardigans - they have the best selection and I always get compliments on them. Anyway I was in there looking at the home section and patio section. Could not drag myself out of there. Any way, love your photo dump!!

  3. Allison's mom again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. Good grief. Coming home when the moon is out? I would be too tired to shop. - Well, almost.
    Cool stuff from some of my favorite stores.


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