Wednesday, May 7, 2014

slowly but surely

I'm getting things done around here.
Nothing like a deadline to make me scramble :)
My deadline is the end of the boys' school year
when everything around here comes to a screeching halt.
Not complaining just keeping it real.
Ok so here's one project that I started last year,
or at least I think it was last year,
{Oy, I just checked and this is from 2012}
and am just now coming back to...
the laundry room.
I found the little finishing touch I think it needed.
Yep...the rug.
Ok, and I bought these faux books too.
Home Goods makes me do that.

Should I mention that I also saw these books
on OKL last week...just saying :)
Is there a job that exists for that kind of knowledge?
If so feel free to contact me.
I NEED that kind of job :)
Let's do a little jaunt down memory lane
to see the before and after...
don't be scared...
Don't judge.
Here it is after paint...

but still with the old fluorescent light fixture...
I had the flamingo Audobon print
from a set I scored at Barnes and Noble
for like $15 for 10 prints.
I framed it using Waverly's "lovely lattice"
that I used for our old café curtains in the kitchen.
It looks like I matted it with a solid green
but that's actually painters tape. :)
Which you will also notice
holding up a picture of "Chaing Mai Dragon"
Yes I love that fabric.
So much so that I used it for pillows in my bedroom
and the new roman shade in the kitchen.
But listen.
Its all the different colorways -
same same but different.
My peep Laura's handy husband
installed the new light for me :)
and I added some gold touches
 to the picture frames
one by one
slowly but surely...
so it sat this way until I was at homegoods
last week doing a return.
And I may have done a quick tour of the store.
After I did said return.
Because you never know what you might find.
I mean seriously.
Preppy Empty Nester found an AGA STOVE
at her homegoods store last week
for crying out loud!
So there I was walking around HG.
 I normally don't gravitate towards pink...
you know since we're a boat full of boys here
but I loved the pattern on this rug
and for $15 it spoke to me...

and then I got it home
and remembered the pink flamingo
and the chiang mai I framed
and the little card from a sale on sale
purchase from Kate Spade :)
that I framed using some wrapping paper
from a gift someone gave me
that I loved so much I kept.
I'm strange that way :)
but it pays off I think
once I figure out how to use it...
Plus I think of my friend Kim
every time I see it :)
Just seems to me that it was kismet...
it all came together with a little pink rug
and went from this
to this...

It only took me two years
but hey
that's how we roll around here.
Slow and steady wins the race.
And yes I will take the tag off...

Next up...
here's a hint...



  1. OMG!!! Where do I begin? Let's just say if I had a laundry room that looked like that, I would spend a lot more time doing laundry!! Love the paint color and the rug is the perfect touch. The Kate card framed was a brilliant idea that I may have to steal in the future. Love the books too. Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

  2. Makes it so much better to do the task of laundry in such a beautiful space…love the rug and the prints!!


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