Thursday, May 8, 2014


We celebrated anniversary number twelve over the weekend.
You may remember that my BFF from back home
got married last year on our anniversary
so it was a happy day for them too.
I woke up that morning and texted her good wishes.
We exchanged a bunch of messages
and one of them said something like
"you know you picked the right one when
you don't remember life before them
and you can't imagine life without them."
I've often dreamt of winning the lottery
but as I reflected on my life with my hubs
it occurred to me that I already won one.
He's a keeper and the best.
I've had a project
I'm working on to give him
as an anniversary present.
I thought this would be the year
I could give it to him
but sadly no...too many things came up
namely this...
strep throat hit this baby hard last week.
Poor guy...he had to have a shot
{you may have heard the screams wherever you live}
but now is back to his full energy self.
As was witnessed when my sweet hubby
took my crew of boys into my favorite Athleta shop
to pick out a gift for them to give me for our anniversary.
I know.
I told him not to do it.
I don't need a gift from them for our anniversary
but like I said he's a keeper
and  now that they're old enough to "get it"
he's insistent that they be a part of the process
and that they physically need to go pick out a gift for me.
That in itself means the world to me.
So he takes them to Athleta
and apparently the story goes something like this...
they wander around the store and cant figure out what I "need".
I had saved something as a favorite on the computer
{not even on purpose I might add}
and my dear hubby couldn't remember the name of it.
Just that it had two words in the name.
So after looking through the catalog in store
during which time apparently
all my kids were running around
acting like heathens
my husband decided to stop the madness
and told the saleslady that I was about to start
a women's only boxing class
and asked if there was something I could wear for that.
She recommended a big fleece hoodie.
I didn't have the heart to tell him there's no A/C at this gym.
It'll be ok.
I'll just sweat more.
The first thing my husband said when I opened it was
"there's a gift receipt in the box and you can return it."
The only thing I saw was that it was my favorite color.
And I loved it.
Turns out they have been paying attention.
Then one of the twins made a comment about "the incident."
I looked at my hubby.
What incident?
He went over to the refrigerator and pulled a water bottle out.
This one to be exact...
This is how "the incident" went down...
so as my husband is paying for my gift
he's apologizing to the saleslady
for bringing in the boys.
And she's all like
"No problem!
Kids come in here ALL the time.
We're a very kid frien-"
she stops in the middle of the word "friendly"
mouth hanging open,
staring at something.
My husband turns to look
and she's staring at this
Only now he's fully recovered
and he is back to normal.
And he has ripped the protective plastic
{ie hygienic} covering off
and has his mouth on the little straw part.
And the hubs says to the lady
"um, yeah, we'll take that too."
And that is how I scored the
world's most expensive water bottle
for my wedding anniversary
from our boys.
Way to go Zb...
next time
I just hope you slobber over something
made of platinum and diamonds.


  1. Laughing at this one because it hits home!
    Happy anniversary!

  2. That is hilarious! Happy Anniversary.

  3. Very funny! Those are the stories you will be remembering after 12 more anniversaries! Congratulations!
    Sorry your little one is sick. Strep throat is brutal. My oldest daughter had it all the time, several times a year, anytime of the year. Thankfully she "outgrew it" and hasn't had it in years. Hope he is feeling better!


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