Friday, June 27, 2014

out and about...recent homegoods finds

How's your summer going?
Dandy I hope.
Last week the boys were in vacation bible school
during the mornings which left me with a little free time.
I may have wandered over to home goods
because, like I always tell my kids
when they complain about running errands,
you just never know what you're gonna find.
Here's some randoms from my local hg...

I did a double take at this lamp...
its made of shells
its by Regina and Andrew.
Made me love it even more.
At Hg it was under $100.
Of course I googled it when I got home
and I found it here for $347.
Not that I bought it mind you
but just the thought made me happy :)

Still with coastal on my mind I moved over to the art section
where I debated about this...

I'm a sucker for a marsh scene you know.
But I passed.

These were hard to resist as well...

Remember how I'm always saying
I never met a sunburst mirror I didn't love.
Well I have now.

I just think the plain driftwood would have been lovely.
That's all.
This however is color done the right way...

I should have bought it.
But I didn't.

What's not to love about this Ralph Lauren lamp?

Plus the two fish...anything that reminds me of twins I love.

Glad to see coastal accents I love on display

I even found a double happiness

but I'd rather it be on a ginger jar.
So I walked on.

This jalopy has been in store for months now...

Price reduced from $1499 to $999.

I was still wondering about the car
when I ran into these birds...

nine foot tall cranes anyone?
$399 each.
I wonder who buys all this stuff.
Both as the store buyer
and who would take these home
and where would they put them?

I wandered on.
Get ready.
I gasped out loud when I turned the corner and saw this.

You're eyes are not playing tricks on you.
Look again.
Its there and its real.
It is a life size
full on
mirror ball
I think I won the prize
for craziest find at your local home goods store.
{Always think of you Preppy Empty Nester when I go -
your store is a winner winner what with Aga stoves and all}

You know I walked around this thing
looking for a price tag.
And about fell over when I found it.

Um, me thinks the store buyer got fired that day.
Hope they got a good deal on it.
Who knows though...
maybe somebody who collects anything elephant
hit the jackpot and took it home.
I'll let you know how long it sits in store.
Any bets???

Friday, June 20, 2014

house in the 'hood

Juggling lots of balls in the air this week.
Who am I trying to kid?
I'm actually dropping the balls left and right.
I know in a decade I'll be bored.
And lonely.
Until then its a busy blessed life with all my boys.
But for a little while
let's forget all the stuff on our to do lists and
 kick back and look at houses.
Shall we?
Herewith my favorite house in my 'hood for the week...

This is the side view.
Look at that moon
and that sky!
Good call by the photographer.
Around to the front now...
I love this front door
Ours is a similar shaped doorway
but with transom windows all around.
Um, thinking I'm saving this to take to a door store...

And I love the lanterns too.
Wonder if they are Bevolo?
Once inside its the typical layout
with the dining room on one side
and an office space on the other...
Just wait though
I will come back to these rooms.
Walk down the entry hall
and look how it opens up...

with room for a grand piano
and those ceiling beams!

First thing I'd do is replace the ceiling fans
with a chandelier...
you know this girl is over the hill
and needs all the light she can get :)

I love the way they did matching sofas and consoles.
They had me at symmetry.
Loves the furniture detail on the cabinets
and the brick fireplace surround.
Its all in the details.
Moving into the kitchen
you can see the mudroom down the hall...

Notice the wood top on the island.
And I spy a brick backsplash...

behind the stove
in a herringbone pattern.
Hot dog!
I might be persuaded to cook a little more.

Bet that door above is the pantry.
The perfect number of seats at the bar...

And more seating in the breakfast area.

Wonder if that's oilcloth or the like
for easy clean up?
Seems like three little boys live here :)

The butlers pantry leading
from the kitchen to the dining room.
Do my eyes really see two refrigerators in here?
One is definitely for wine.
Heck, I'd use them both for wine :)


Back in the dining area.


And the front study...
yep I'll take this one.
Like refrigerators this house has multiples,
hang on and I'll show you.

But we'll need to go upstairs...

First stop though is the video room...
loves it.
loves it.
Ok here you go.
Another study area.
The boys would have to fight me
for this as a study area
because I'm thinking craft room!
Who's with me?

If they take it
they'll have to do the laundry.
I mean, it is attached to this room after all.
The master suite...

and look at this closet!
Um this is the size of some bedrooms.
My OCD would be in heaven in this room.
I promise!

The master bath...

Um, I don't mean to be ugly
but what's up with the ceiling fan?

Um, negative ghost rider.
{yes, that's a top gun movie reference}
I'd let the ones in the bedrooms stay I guess...



I love the way these secondary bedrooms flow.
Same, same but different.
Told you three boys lived here.
I like these people. this house.
I love this mudroom even more.
I need one of these in my life.
Including the monogram initials on each locker...

 Throw your stuff in the locker and close the door.
Then walk right outside and pull up a chair.
I could learn how to use that grill.
I know I could.
 Then we could have wine parties
and just hang out.
Or maybe the new owners will invite us over.
Its sale pending...
ok, back to reality for me.
Have a great day
and a wonderful weekend!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014


 I've been a bad blogger lately.
Three little reasons.
They're all out of school for summer.
I'm sure you understand.
I turned on the cartoons for them
when I saw
Liz over at Fitness Blondie
call for readers to share their stories
about being fearless
so I could share my own story.
When I hear the word fearless
it reminds me of another f word.
One of my favorite all time quotes...

Most people are afraid of failure.
The challenge in life really
is to look fear in the eye
and tell yourself to go for it anyway.
In spite of your fears.

I don't know if its something you really hit
when you reach your forties
but at least for me
that's when I started trying to be fearless.
Its still a struggle.
I'm not perfect
but I'm at a place
where I care less and less
about how others feel about me
meaning my little paranoid mind
is not so scared anymore
about people judging me
or my goals...
because you know -
what if I don't reach my goals?

Physical goals
because I want to inspire my kids
and have them be healthy
but the same goes for
even superficial ones
like how I choose to decorate my house.
Don't let somebody tell you something's out of style.
You like it?
You rock it.
You've got one life.
You have to live it for you.

Here I sit on the middle page of my life story
and I don't want to not do something
because I'm scared to do so.
And so I'm doing things that scare me,
big and little...

Like training for a marathon.
I'm no super athlete.
I'm just an average girl with a dream and a goal.
I'm not a fast runner.
But I know that slow and steady wins the race
dang it
I'm gonna cross that finish line
before they close it down :)

Like wearing a bathing suit in public.
I do it.
I get in the pool.
Still not my favorite past time
but my littles love it so I go.
I've got cellulite that perturbs me
but I also know this body
with little stretch marks at my midsection
carried two babies in my tummy at one time
and has crossed many half marathon finish lines.
People judging my thigh dimples probably cant claim that.
And maybe I'm still not brave enough to rock a bikini
but maybe one day.
Who knows.


Like learning how to swim,
the fear of which paralyzed me.
For years.
Forty one to be exact.
May seem silly to you
but for me
it felt like climbing Everest.

We all have our fears.
But you're stronger than you think you are...



You just have to believe in yourself.
It doesn't mean I'm not fearless.
I'm just afraid not to try...
when you're not trying
you're not living fully.
In my humble opinion anyway.
Life is so short.
You're all you need
and you're stronger than you think.
Never forget that.
I'm stepping off my soapbox now.
You're welcome :)
You can read the story of how
I pushed through my fear of water
and did something
I thought I'd never do -
a triathlon
 other stories of fearlessness over on fitness blondie.

If you overcame a fear I'd love to hear about it.
Link up with Liz
leave me a comment :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I want to be like her...

at the golden age of 91.
I thought of her during our long training run
on Saturday when the negative committee
in my head was talking trash
because of the heat
and a little heel problem
 I've been nursing.
I told them to shut up.
They're a rowdy crew - the committee in my head.

When times get tough its just
one foot in front of the other,
keep falling forward.
I thought of Mrs. Harriett
and kept on going.
Read her story here.
Is there anyone who inspires you when times get tough?
Please do share in the comments section. :)

Monday, June 16, 2014


No, this is not a reference to my coffee addiction.
Because anyone who knows me
I love my coffee.
As in I might hurt you
if you stand between me
and my morning cup of java.
Today I'm referring to a new product
I picked up at CVS...
In case you cant read the fine print in the pic
{I'm not judging...I'm in the same boat my friend}
its a cool three in one styling product
by famed hair stylist
Sally Hershberger
and I love it.
You can use it as a dry shampoo,
or to get major texture and volume,
or as a light hold finishing hairspray.
I use it as all of the above.
Its not crunchy like some hair sprays
and has a lovely fresh smell.
In the hot Houston weather
even walking outside to water my flowers
my hair will get wet with sweat.
Sorry for the TMI.
But its true so some days I use it as a refresh
or after working out when I don't have much time
before I need to be somewhere
I blow dry my hair for a minute
then use this stuff
and its like I just spent
30 minutes on a wash and blow dry.
One minute versus thirty...hmmm????
Now that's a game changer isn't it?
Speaking of game changer
I also used another new hair product this morning.
I know what you're thinking.
My name is Nancy
and I am a product junkie,
nice to meet you. :)
I saw this at Target the other day
and couldn't resist trying it.
Have you seen this new hair dye?

Here's the deal.
It goes on like a mousse
and its reusable.
As in you apply it and depending on
the length of your hair
you can apply a second time if your hair is shorter
or use it to touch up or redo your color
with the multi-use applicator again
as your grays reappear.
Shear brilliance!
I'll be your guinea pig
and let you know in a few weeks
if this turns out to be a miraculous new find.
It went on easy enough
and no drips or running at all.
{If you color you get me.}
You know my gray is resistant to change
so I have to color often.
Its like the old soap opera
"As the World Turns"
but in this case its more like
"Until the Grays Return."
Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

house in the 'hood

Today I have to take my three littles to the dentist.
Good times.
Never fun but we're blessed we can go.
I definitely should've gone into dentistry instead of chemistry.
$$$ vs $
I'll definitely point this fact out to my boys
when they need to decide what to study in college.
Just saying :)
Let's not think about that but rather
 enjoy my favorite house in the 'hood
{for this week any way}
I'm a sucker for overstuffed white sofas.
Makes me want to curl up and read a book.
But who am I kidding?
With three little boys neither of these things is gonna happen.
For at least a decade any way.

Stuff at every turn.
I wonder if they have littles?
I'm always thinking of what can
(and will) get destroyed by my littles.
I predict that statue beyond the table
in the middle of the entry hall above
would be the first man down.

Looking back towards the front of the house.
I wouldn't turn it down.
Would you?

Love the table
and I may have gasped at the blue and white temple jar.
Loves it!
And I love the casual family room.
This is definitely more my style.

Wish I could get a better close up of the bookshelves.
Love the styling.

Love the bench they used at the breakfast table.
Where was that bench when I was looking for one?

Upstairs in the master...

plenty of room...

including a separate little office space.

Love the screen.
Anything in green goes you know.
A little pet peeve of mine...
why do builders choose not to frame out the mirrors?
Drives me nuts.
To me its like putting on a pretty dress but no jewelry.
Maybe I'm old school but it bugs me.

What doesn't bug me
is a good old salute to Texas
and this boys room rocks it...



Normally people scimp on their guest rooms.
This one does not disappoint.
Inspires me to redo our own guest room.
Don't tell the hubs.

Just when you thought it was good.
It got better with this sofa.
Your guests might never leave.

Another secondary bathroom.

Gym anyone?

with its own bathroom...

I got to this picture and did a double take.
An extra bonus room.

Now you're talking!
One might call it a bonus room
I call it the room the kids can call their own.
Speaking of kids
we're off to the dentist.
Wish me luck.
And no cavities please.

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