Monday, June 9, 2014

blessed assurance

My dad called over the weekend.
My great aunt passed away in a house fire.
I've been debating about flying in for the funeral.
Gotta figure out child care
with the littles out of school.
Then there's the cost.
A last minute ticket is pretty pricey.
Shameful I know.
My sweet husband told me to go.
He said that's what money is for.
I still hemmed and hawed.
Then yesterday at church we sang my favorite hymn.
{click on the link to hear it sung by Alan Jackson}
I learned that song in my grandmother's church.
It reminds me of her and
 the summers I spent going there with her.
My great aunt also attended.
I was a teenager when my grandmother
had to move
to a nursing facility.
She left her little town and moved two hours away.
The summer visits where my parents would leave
one or two of us at a time for weeks stopped.
I'm sad to say that I lost touch with her town
and any relatives that still lived there.
They still have family reunions but its always in the fall
and well, I live half a country away
and have kids in school.
Excuses, right?
We make a big detour now
on our annual pilgrimage to the deep south
to make little imprints in our kids minds
about where their people came from.
They hem and haw when we approach the city limits
and I insist they stop what they're doing
and look outside
and listen to the stories of what I remember
from spending summers in this tiny town,
visiting relatives,
walking by ourselves up to the little 7-11 store
and the five and dime to buy trinkets and candy.
I don't know why I'm sharing all this.
Maybe its just to say call your peeps
and reach out to someone whom maybe
you haven't seen in a while.
Don't wait until it today.

{not sure why this post was emailed out again on 8-3-14
but I'm going with divine intervention}


  1. My condolences, Nancy. Thanks for the reminder to reach out. Sometimes we get so busy, we forget.

    1. thanks Katie :) we always think we'll get around to doing things we mean to do and sometimes we don't and spend a lifetime regretting it. she's in good hands now...probably chatting happily with my Grannie :)

  2. Oh Nancy I am so sorry for your loss. My husband just lost his 99 year old grandmother. He was able to see her on Mother's Day and we were able to attend her funeral last weekend. As his aunts said it was a FUNeral or a celebration of life. As Grannie was our matriarch we all promised to see each other more and as often as possible. You have to share your past with your sons and they will "get" it one day.

    1. Hi Tery. Thanks and I am so sorry for y'all's loss as well. 99 is a great age. WOW. Y'all have some good genes going on. So glad you were able to spend time with her especially on Mother's Day. I know she loved that! {{hugs}}

  3. Nancy, so sorry for your loss. I totally can relate and understand. With kids in tow, life seems to get so busy these days. Thanks for the reminder to remember if nothing else to make a phone call every now and then.


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