Monday, June 16, 2014


No, this is not a reference to my coffee addiction.
Because anyone who knows me
I love my coffee.
As in I might hurt you
if you stand between me
and my morning cup of java.
Today I'm referring to a new product
I picked up at CVS...
In case you cant read the fine print in the pic
{I'm not judging...I'm in the same boat my friend}
its a cool three in one styling product
by famed hair stylist
Sally Hershberger
and I love it.
You can use it as a dry shampoo,
or to get major texture and volume,
or as a light hold finishing hairspray.
I use it as all of the above.
Its not crunchy like some hair sprays
and has a lovely fresh smell.
In the hot Houston weather
even walking outside to water my flowers
my hair will get wet with sweat.
Sorry for the TMI.
But its true so some days I use it as a refresh
or after working out when I don't have much time
before I need to be somewhere
I blow dry my hair for a minute
then use this stuff
and its like I just spent
30 minutes on a wash and blow dry.
One minute versus thirty...hmmm????
Now that's a game changer isn't it?
Speaking of game changer
I also used another new hair product this morning.
I know what you're thinking.
My name is Nancy
and I am a product junkie,
nice to meet you. :)
I saw this at Target the other day
and couldn't resist trying it.
Have you seen this new hair dye?

Here's the deal.
It goes on like a mousse
and its reusable.
As in you apply it and depending on
the length of your hair
you can apply a second time if your hair is shorter
or use it to touch up or redo your color
with the multi-use applicator again
as your grays reappear.
Shear brilliance!
I'll be your guinea pig
and let you know in a few weeks
if this turns out to be a miraculous new find.
It went on easy enough
and no drips or running at all.
{If you color you get me.}
You know my gray is resistant to change
so I have to color often.
Its like the old soap opera
"As the World Turns"
but in this case its more like
"Until the Grays Return."
Stay tuned.


  1. Sound like fantastic products worth giving a try.

  2. I am really interested in our the L'Oreal Mousse Absolue works. I am trying to space my salon appointments further apart but my grays are coming in faster and faster. I just bought Color WOW. It's a mineral powder that you brush on your gray roots. My roots start to show at my temples and sideburns. I need to prefect the application as I sometimes aply too much and that is not a good look. Definietly will try the Caffiene Volume-thanks!!


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