Thursday, June 19, 2014


 I've been a bad blogger lately.
Three little reasons.
They're all out of school for summer.
I'm sure you understand.
I turned on the cartoons for them
when I saw
Liz over at Fitness Blondie
call for readers to share their stories
about being fearless
so I could share my own story.
When I hear the word fearless
it reminds me of another f word.
One of my favorite all time quotes...

Most people are afraid of failure.
The challenge in life really
is to look fear in the eye
and tell yourself to go for it anyway.
In spite of your fears.

I don't know if its something you really hit
when you reach your forties
but at least for me
that's when I started trying to be fearless.
Its still a struggle.
I'm not perfect
but I'm at a place
where I care less and less
about how others feel about me
meaning my little paranoid mind
is not so scared anymore
about people judging me
or my goals...
because you know -
what if I don't reach my goals?

Physical goals
because I want to inspire my kids
and have them be healthy
but the same goes for
even superficial ones
like how I choose to decorate my house.
Don't let somebody tell you something's out of style.
You like it?
You rock it.
You've got one life.
You have to live it for you.

Here I sit on the middle page of my life story
and I don't want to not do something
because I'm scared to do so.
And so I'm doing things that scare me,
big and little...

Like training for a marathon.
I'm no super athlete.
I'm just an average girl with a dream and a goal.
I'm not a fast runner.
But I know that slow and steady wins the race
dang it
I'm gonna cross that finish line
before they close it down :)

Like wearing a bathing suit in public.
I do it.
I get in the pool.
Still not my favorite past time
but my littles love it so I go.
I've got cellulite that perturbs me
but I also know this body
with little stretch marks at my midsection
carried two babies in my tummy at one time
and has crossed many half marathon finish lines.
People judging my thigh dimples probably cant claim that.
And maybe I'm still not brave enough to rock a bikini
but maybe one day.
Who knows.


Like learning how to swim,
the fear of which paralyzed me.
For years.
Forty one to be exact.
May seem silly to you
but for me
it felt like climbing Everest.

We all have our fears.
But you're stronger than you think you are...



You just have to believe in yourself.
It doesn't mean I'm not fearless.
I'm just afraid not to try...
when you're not trying
you're not living fully.
In my humble opinion anyway.
Life is so short.
You're all you need
and you're stronger than you think.
Never forget that.
I'm stepping off my soapbox now.
You're welcome :)
You can read the story of how
I pushed through my fear of water
and did something
I thought I'd never do -
a triathlon
 other stories of fearlessness over on fitness blondie.

If you overcame a fear I'd love to hear about it.
Link up with Liz
leave me a comment :)


  1. Just putting on a swimsuit in public is enough for the fearlessness award!! Congrats!

  2. Great post Nancy. I loved your line "I'm just afraid not to try". Why aren't we taught to love our bodies for all they do for us instead of how they look? I am right there with you in the bathing suit in public thing.... eesh. Enjoy your forty's... the fifty's are even better! And enjoy your kids - trust me they are grown and gone before you even know it! xo Sherri


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