Wednesday, June 11, 2014

house in the 'hood

Today I have to take my three littles to the dentist.
Good times.
Never fun but we're blessed we can go.
I definitely should've gone into dentistry instead of chemistry.
$$$ vs $
I'll definitely point this fact out to my boys
when they need to decide what to study in college.
Just saying :)
Let's not think about that but rather
 enjoy my favorite house in the 'hood
{for this week any way}
I'm a sucker for overstuffed white sofas.
Makes me want to curl up and read a book.
But who am I kidding?
With three little boys neither of these things is gonna happen.
For at least a decade any way.

Stuff at every turn.
I wonder if they have littles?
I'm always thinking of what can
(and will) get destroyed by my littles.
I predict that statue beyond the table
in the middle of the entry hall above
would be the first man down.

Looking back towards the front of the house.
I wouldn't turn it down.
Would you?

Love the table
and I may have gasped at the blue and white temple jar.
Loves it!
And I love the casual family room.
This is definitely more my style.

Wish I could get a better close up of the bookshelves.
Love the styling.

Love the bench they used at the breakfast table.
Where was that bench when I was looking for one?

Upstairs in the master...

plenty of room...

including a separate little office space.

Love the screen.
Anything in green goes you know.
A little pet peeve of mine...
why do builders choose not to frame out the mirrors?
Drives me nuts.
To me its like putting on a pretty dress but no jewelry.
Maybe I'm old school but it bugs me.

What doesn't bug me
is a good old salute to Texas
and this boys room rocks it...



Normally people scimp on their guest rooms.
This one does not disappoint.
Inspires me to redo our own guest room.
Don't tell the hubs.

Just when you thought it was good.
It got better with this sofa.
Your guests might never leave.

Another secondary bathroom.

Gym anyone?

with its own bathroom...

I got to this picture and did a double take.
An extra bonus room.

Now you're talking!
One might call it a bonus room
I call it the room the kids can call their own.
Speaking of kids
we're off to the dentist.
Wish me luck.
And no cavities please.

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  1. It's all beautiful, but the sofa in the built - in nook is a fabulous touch!
    Have fun at the dentist!!!

    1. happy to report no cavities :) yay!!!!!

  2. Another great house! I wanna move back to Texas!!! I agree with your comment about the mirrors. There are many things I miss about the days when the girls were little. Going to the dentist is not one of them!

    1. :) texas would be happy to have you back :)


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