Friday, June 20, 2014

house in the 'hood

Juggling lots of balls in the air this week.
Who am I trying to kid?
I'm actually dropping the balls left and right.
I know in a decade I'll be bored.
And lonely.
Until then its a busy blessed life with all my boys.
But for a little while
let's forget all the stuff on our to do lists and
 kick back and look at houses.
Shall we?
Herewith my favorite house in my 'hood for the week...

This is the side view.
Look at that moon
and that sky!
Good call by the photographer.
Around to the front now...
I love this front door
Ours is a similar shaped doorway
but with transom windows all around.
Um, thinking I'm saving this to take to a door store...

And I love the lanterns too.
Wonder if they are Bevolo?
Once inside its the typical layout
with the dining room on one side
and an office space on the other...
Just wait though
I will come back to these rooms.
Walk down the entry hall
and look how it opens up...

with room for a grand piano
and those ceiling beams!

First thing I'd do is replace the ceiling fans
with a chandelier...
you know this girl is over the hill
and needs all the light she can get :)

I love the way they did matching sofas and consoles.
They had me at symmetry.
Loves the furniture detail on the cabinets
and the brick fireplace surround.
Its all in the details.
Moving into the kitchen
you can see the mudroom down the hall...

Notice the wood top on the island.
And I spy a brick backsplash...

behind the stove
in a herringbone pattern.
Hot dog!
I might be persuaded to cook a little more.

Bet that door above is the pantry.
The perfect number of seats at the bar...

And more seating in the breakfast area.

Wonder if that's oilcloth or the like
for easy clean up?
Seems like three little boys live here :)

The butlers pantry leading
from the kitchen to the dining room.
Do my eyes really see two refrigerators in here?
One is definitely for wine.
Heck, I'd use them both for wine :)


Back in the dining area.


And the front study...
yep I'll take this one.
Like refrigerators this house has multiples,
hang on and I'll show you.

But we'll need to go upstairs...

First stop though is the video room...
loves it.
loves it.
Ok here you go.
Another study area.
The boys would have to fight me
for this as a study area
because I'm thinking craft room!
Who's with me?

If they take it
they'll have to do the laundry.
I mean, it is attached to this room after all.
The master suite...

and look at this closet!
Um this is the size of some bedrooms.
My OCD would be in heaven in this room.
I promise!

The master bath...

Um, I don't mean to be ugly
but what's up with the ceiling fan?

Um, negative ghost rider.
{yes, that's a top gun movie reference}
I'd let the ones in the bedrooms stay I guess...



I love the way these secondary bedrooms flow.
Same, same but different.
Told you three boys lived here.
I like these people. this house.
I love this mudroom even more.
I need one of these in my life.
Including the monogram initials on each locker...

 Throw your stuff in the locker and close the door.
Then walk right outside and pull up a chair.
I could learn how to use that grill.
I know I could.
 Then we could have wine parties
and just hang out.
Or maybe the new owners will invite us over.
Its sale pending...
ok, back to reality for me.
Have a great day
and a wonderful weekend!

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  1. The bookcases and closets are things of my dreams! Good tour!

  2. Another gorgeous Texas house. The Mister is mad at you because I always send him your link with the message "I miss Texas!" Have a great weekend Nancy.

    1. please apologize for me to The Mister. its probably the same feeling my husband has when I refer to Georgia as "home"...he wants me to be happy where I am and I am but I still miss it. please know that texas misses you too :)


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