Friday, June 6, 2014

in case you were wondering

Remember when I found a matching
sunburst mirror at home goods
just like the one I bought from overstock
and brought it home to see if I could recreate this look?
House Tour at Scout and Nimble - love the colorful decor and those gorgeous wood beams

via scout and

 Um yeah.
Good idea.
In theory.
I decided it was dangerous to hang
one on top of the other
since the bottom one
would surely become a target
of some sort
for my boys
so I hung them side by side.

Something about this just bothered me.
It was probably the comment that my husband made
when he said it looked like giant owl eyes.
{it was his idea in the first place to get two I might add}
Anyway...still working on a grouping of some sort for this wall
but in the meantime the second mirror found a new home.
For now anyway :)
I passed it on to my friend Allison
to help her stage her house for sale....

We looked around for a headboard since she didn't have one
but neither one of us wanted her to spend a lot of money
in getting the house ready.
I'd originally planned to use this mirror in her dining room
but then the thought of this popped in my mind
and I think its glorious right above the bed.
BTW...she ordered the ruched bedding from OKL.
The curtains are from Target.
She painted the dresser and matching side tables
using Annie Sloan chalk paint in French Linen.
I made the Euro pillows for her
using some Bosphorus Toile I bought
with the intention of making a roman shade
for my master bathroom.
Um yeah that was on my list for about five years.
Never happened.
As I was going through my fabric stash I saw it
and based on the new color for her bathroom we found
I thought it would work nicely in the bedroom.
I think it works...
and speaking of work
Allison worked so hard in getting this house ready.
I made two trips down to see her
{she lives about an hour away}
and we made one epic shopping trip to Target
to pick up curtain rods and home décor items
like the mirror set on the wall above the dresser.
She continued to declutter and send pictures on her progress
and we tweaked it via email.
And no I am not going into the decorating biz...
just helping out a friend.
She asked for help
and as you know by now
I love me some décor/DIY/saving money.
I'm ecstatic to report that all the hard work paid off.
Big time.
The house went live on on a Friday two weeks ago.
Before the pictures were even up online
someone called and made an appointment to see it.
They came the next day. 
That same night she called me.
It kind of scared me since it was nearly ten pm.
I thought something bad had happened.
She sounded like she was half giggling and half crying.
The first people that saw the house made an offer.
For over list price.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
She and her husband both commute
nearly three hours a day
getting into Houston with traffic
and now they'll be moving closer in.
And spending more time with their littles.
It doesn't get any better than that does it?


  1. Fantastic changes. I can see why it sold so fast! That is fantastic.

  2. i love the mirrors but agree they look better happy your friends home sold so quickly!


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