Friday, June 27, 2014

out and about...recent homegoods finds

How's your summer going?
Dandy I hope.
Last week the boys were in vacation bible school
during the mornings which left me with a little free time.
I may have wandered over to home goods
because, like I always tell my kids
when they complain about running errands,
you just never know what you're gonna find.
Here's some randoms from my local hg...

I did a double take at this lamp...
its made of shells
its by Regina and Andrew.
Made me love it even more.
At Hg it was under $100.
Of course I googled it when I got home
and I found it here for $347.
Not that I bought it mind you
but just the thought made me happy :)

Still with coastal on my mind I moved over to the art section
where I debated about this...

I'm a sucker for a marsh scene you know.
But I passed.

These were hard to resist as well...

Remember how I'm always saying
I never met a sunburst mirror I didn't love.
Well I have now.

I just think the plain driftwood would have been lovely.
That's all.
This however is color done the right way...

I should have bought it.
But I didn't.

What's not to love about this Ralph Lauren lamp?

Plus the two fish...anything that reminds me of twins I love.

Glad to see coastal accents I love on display

I even found a double happiness

but I'd rather it be on a ginger jar.
So I walked on.

This jalopy has been in store for months now...

Price reduced from $1499 to $999.

I was still wondering about the car
when I ran into these birds...

nine foot tall cranes anyone?
$399 each.
I wonder who buys all this stuff.
Both as the store buyer
and who would take these home
and where would they put them?

I wandered on.
Get ready.
I gasped out loud when I turned the corner and saw this.

You're eyes are not playing tricks on you.
Look again.
Its there and its real.
It is a life size
full on
mirror ball
I think I won the prize
for craziest find at your local home goods store.
{Always think of you Preppy Empty Nester when I go -
your store is a winner winner what with Aga stoves and all}

You know I walked around this thing
looking for a price tag.
And about fell over when I found it.

Um, me thinks the store buyer got fired that day.
Hope they got a good deal on it.
Who knows though...
maybe somebody who collects anything elephant
hit the jackpot and took it home.
I'll let you know how long it sits in store.
Any bets???


  1. That elephant is crazy! How would you even get it home or IN the house or through hallways? So crazy! I think the y had to have gotten it for dirt cheap. Keep us posted. Lol.

    1. I know! at least when I get obsessed with stuff I can actually bring it home myself without hiring a mover. so far. :)

  2. Rumor is that there will be a Home Goods store built soon in Mobile - about 20-30 minutes from my house in Fairhope. FINALLY!
    As for the elephant, there are plenty of University of Alabama fans I know who would snap that "thing" up in a second. Not that I'm endorsing it, but I've seen some crazy-ass stuff when it comes to football fans.

    Pardon the french. It just had to be said.

    1. as long as you don't have to go through that dang mobile bay tunnel i'm all for it. got caught in it AGAIN but thankfully only one way...not sure how we skated through going east. ok. report in as soon as the rumor becomes true...need to plot my route for next year and make sure we conveniently stop somewhere to eat very close to that homegoods :)

  3. We bought two of those little Ralph Lauren lamps for my client's family room bar...feels like a little pub at night.

    1. going to search your blog for the pics :)

  4. Nancy... I can't believe it... you beat me to it... I took a pic of the elephant at our homegoods and the birds too!! I think we should do a contest every month or so... best deal or craziest thing we found at HG!!! BTW ... I have 3 of those RL lamps. Love them for the size and price. Hope you're having a great weekend.

    1. WHAT!!!>????? there is a second one in existence? ok. that's crazy. beyond crazy. can you imagine the factory where they made those? I bet the workers there were like what in the hail are we doing making these? let me know when you want to start the contest...that would be so funny! i'm in!!!!


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