Tuesday, June 3, 2014

under the sea...sea fan art

By now I think you know
that I am officially obsessed with
everything under the sea.
Especially sea fans.
Ever since I passed on two
beautiful sea fans at Round Top last year.
Still kicking myself over that pass.
They were lovely.
So when I saw prints at home goods
I may have lost my mind
You'd think that once I found those
that I would give up on my obsession.
Which is why I came home this year from Round Top
as the proud owner of three sea fans to call my own.
{they look like the one below on the left}
This pic is from the blog sand and sisal.
My plan is to do what
she did with hers...
see her tutorial here

And now I have many to choose from
because while I lost my mind at HG
looking for the dang pair of pictures
I also scored this faux blue sea fan
from amongst the clearance items.

Can you say score?
I was going to put it in this other
Round Top score...

but it doesn't fit.
So I might just spray paint it and frame it too.
Little hitch in my project giddy-up...
I'm still looking for frames.
Aaron Brothers usually does its buy one,
get one for a penny sale in June
but if that doesn't work out
I might just go back to home goods
and buy one of these...

You guessed it.
Its a framed sea fan.
Well - it was.
The sea fan fell.
But I bet they'd give me a deal on the frame.
We'll see.
And just when you thought I'd stop...
Look what you can score at Pottery Barn.
I saw it in the catalog
and figured I'd get it since
the blue one from hg
didn't fit in the metal top container.
Wrong again.
This one is H U G E.
So its going in line
to see what gets framed
what gets used for bookshelf styling.
Its nice to have options :)
And because I love everything under the sea
I thought I'd share a picture
of my littlest little's recent school program.

Mine was a jellyfish...

Its nice to go to a school with crafty moms.
Can you believe that these costumes
are all home made?
I helped with the jellyfish hats
and as a result
I am now the proud owner of a glue gun.
I don't know why I waited to buy one.
I love it!
Good timing too.
 I'm going to use it for my
little sea fan art project.
Stay tuned for pics. :)



  1. somehow you make framing a fan sound funny! - In a good sort of way! I may have to get out my glue gun and join you!

    1. if only I lived closer i'd bring my sea fans and glue gun and we'd have a party :)

  2. Love all the sea fans! Can't wait to see where they all end up.

    1. our boys are out of school now...may take me a while to get that project done but its on the list :)

  3. Wow!!! I think I may be developing a crush on sea fans as well, thanks to you!! They are so pretty and graceful. Thank you, Nancy, for introducing me to my newest obsession!

    1. tell your husband i'm sorry in advance :)

  4. These sea fans are beautiful! It reminds me how much I need to learn how to decorate and/or be creative with the house :)

    1. hi tricia! I stalk blogs and pinterest for inspiration and its a bad scene...i'm always thinking "oh I could do that" and then my husband reminds me that we live on a budget :( thinking lately that I need to put as much time and effort into my exercise routine as I do into DIY...maybe then I could get back to my pre-baby(ies) weight :) ha!

    2. Yes, dang budget always getting in the way! Hmmmm...... maybe a DIY exercise routine for being at home? This weekend I am going to create a few mini DIY workout sesh's. If you want, I can let you know when I post it.


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