Thursday, July 10, 2014

house in the 'hood

I know I've been teasing
about all the pictures I took
of the new Southern Living House
in Palmetto Bluff
while we were there
{the day it opened...don't think I didn't plan that}
but first I thought I'd share this little piece
of eye candy that,
if you're like me,
will leave you wanting more.
Yesterday I drove by this cute little bungalow
{as they call the older homes here}
and put on my brakes so hard
I think I gave my boys whiplash.
We were on the way
to meet a lady from whom
I purchased an old piano
via a "secret" group on FB
{like a smaller craigslist if you will}.
I've seen at least two well known designers
on this group,
one of whom has a last name
that rhymes with "heat"
Just saying.
Every time I see their names
I swear I get giddy.
Is that weird?
Some of my friends reading this
are like yeah, that's weird Nancy.
But I'm ok with that :)
I sat there in my car holding up traffic scouting it out
to see what I could see.
Its a smallish house for this area,
built in the 1940's
but recently it was updated and expanded
as you will see in the last picture.
Without further ado behold
my favorite house in the 'hood for the week...

I know.
I want more pictures too.
I doubt they will have an open house.
Anyone who sees the pictures
and wants in to this neighborhood
is going to buy it sight unseen.
I would.
But if they do
I will go and report back.
Stay tuned...
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  1. Beautiful home! I love the backsplash in the kitchen area.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! What a house! That's it. I'm moving back to Texas. Have a great weekend, dear Nancy!

  3. Hi, I am not sure how I ended up on your blog, but I have enjoyed browsing around, so I am now following. I am from the deep South :)


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