Sunday, July 6, 2014

long time gone

I've said it once and I'll say it again.
I've been a bad, bad blogger.
Sorry about that.
Even my sisters got on to me
about my lack of posts.
Which I find ironic since I was actually
WITH them in person when they said this...
Its hard to blog when you're traveling.
At least it is for me.
We packed up two weeks ago
and made our way to
Georgia to see my peeps.
Good times.
Now back to reality.
And blogging :)
I promise I have so many pictures
I will more than make up
for my absence lately.
{I think}
And while I'm struggling with all the pics I took
can somebody please riddle me this...
when your iphone says
it cant back up due to lack of storage
does that mean if I first transfer all the pics
to my desktop then delete them off my phone
then that will solve my problem?
Because you know I'm technically challenged
and I'm petrified of losing my pics.
And exactly what is the difference between
the camera roll and the photo stream?
I need to hire a teenager don't I?
Back to the trip...
so we're very lucky that the hubs
can take two weeks off for the pilgrimage
as I like to call it...
to the deep south.
This year we switched up the order a bit
and drove directly to Savannah.
And when I say directly I mean we get off I-10
at Tallahassee and then head north to visit
the little towns where my parents grew up.
Normally we roll through on a Sunday
but this year we left a day later
due to my long marathon training run.
Best. Idea. Ever.
since this put us in Thomasville on a Monday.
Let me stop here to tell you
that if you live anywhere in the near vicinity
put Thomasville on your map.
I was blown away by how charming it was.
We always drive by my grandparents old house
and by their graves in the cemetery
but that day we drove into downtown Thomasville
and parked the car.
Much to my boys' chagrin
who let's face it
just wanted to stay in the car
 and play electronic games.
Mother of the year here
turned on her devil not so nice voice
you know the one that somehow lowers by a few octaves
and scares your kids a bit because they realize
you mean business?
I grumbled
"this is where your grandmother grew up
and where I came every summer as a child.
You WILL pay attention to every story I tell you
so that one day you will know these stories
when you bring your own kids."
I know.
I'm scary sometimes.
And we started walking.
We stumbled upon the church
where I'm fairly sure
my parents were married
nearly fifty years ago
and we found the jewelry store
where I remember my other grandmother
bought little music boxes
for our birthdays one year. IS closed on Mondays.
Who knew.
We walked and the boys grumbled.
I ignored them and walked into the cutest shop ever.
You cant see through the glare but its called Firefly.
I only managed two pics...

old framed post cards of Thomasville
these cleaning products by Murchison Hume
that had me at the silhouettes...

I was keeping one hand on my youngest
who decided he too loved everything in the store
and wanted to pick up and play with everything.
Good news though is that you can shop Firefly online.
I ended up buying a reproduction of a vintage map.
And I think I know just where to put it.
Stay tuned on that.
We walked up and down Broad Street
and went into a store that was going out of business.
I think this was the old Belks store
but I cant be sure.
I had hoped to find some blue and white porcelain
but alas...nothing struck my fancy.
We walked down to the Big Oak...

 that dates back to the late 1600's...

and a panorama so you get a gist
of why they call it the big oak...

 You can stand in front of the sign you see
and call a certain phone number
and a camera across the street takes your picture.
Pretty fun.
We walked back towards the car
where my husband surprised me
by saying he'd seen a shop farther down
did I want to check it out?
I looked at my watch and said better not
since we still had four hours to drive.
Without missing a beat
he said
"now's your chance...
I don't know when
we'll be back on a weekday."
As we approached the store front
I knew it was going to be good.

 and then we went inside
and I about died and went to heaven...


That chandy...swoon worthy!
And driftwood
and blue demijohns...
I'm in love.
I'll take one of each.

Oyster shell bookends?
Never thought of that.


I'm giddy just reviewing the pictures...
happiness was everywhere.



I'm not kidding when I say
that this store
went on for ever...



If I'd had the room
I'd have wedged this bamboo hall tree
and brought it back to Texas.

I told my husband
if we end up buying a place
in the south
I'm renting a truck
and backing it up to this store.

I've been looking for a barley twist table
and of course it was there
but my van was full
dang it.
I forgot to mention
that up front they had a number of
green glass fishing floats.
I held off from grabbing one
or two
and kept looking around.
And would you believe
that at the back of the store
I saw it from across the room...
and gasped.
My kids even jumped.
There it was waiting for me...
a blue and white
double happiness pot.
And its mine.
And I love it.


It definitely makes me happy.
As does seeing my family
but also being back home.
Double happiness indeed.
Stay tuned for part two of T'ville. :)
And a little teaser of more things to come...
Palmetto Bluff.
It opened last Saturday.
Guess who was there with her iPhone?


  1. Nancy... welcome back!! What a great trip you had. And the cherry on the sundae - that gorgeous shop. I love everything in it!! Have a great week catching up!

    1. thanks Katie. thought of you every time I passed a homegoods store. ha! had I been driving i'd have found an excuse to stop for sure.

  2. So glad you had a great trip. And talk about eye candy…I'm obsessed with the oyster shell bookends!! Can't wait for the Palmetto Bluff house sneak peek!!

    1. I took so many pictures my phone couldn't back up on its own. ha! will have those posted soon. :)

  3. I went to FSU, then taught school in Tallahassee, so I would scoot up to Thomasville occasionally to poke around. It has always been a beautiful little town, and now it looks like they have even more shops to see! So happy you gave us the updated tour!
    Have you ever been to Pebble Hill Plantation? It is to die for!!!!

    1. pebble hill is on my list! we tried to go but they're closed on Mondays. who knew?

  4. Such a fun trip…glad you got in some shopping with all your men!

    1. we need to work on their endurance :) one shop and they were done. ha!

  5. Wow...your hubby gets extra points for finding that store! I have seen the oyster shell bookends and I think I might give them a try.

    1. I thought of you tery when I saw them! if you make some let me know :)


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