Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Palmetto Bluff Southern Living Idea House... part duex

In case you missed part one of this house tour
you can see it here.
If you're ready to see the rest of the house then
grab a drink, a seat, and take a load off.
Here we go...
The master is just off the main family room.
Nice and relaxing isn't it?
The bedding is from 
{of course}
available at Dillard's.

I like that they used a huge piece of art
rather than a television on the wall.

Also notice the door to the back patio.
Turn around and you're lead down a hall
past the master closet.
To the left is my side,
I mean I think this would be the woman's side...

note the barn doors on both sides.
And the other side is pretty fantastic too.

Standing right here
looking ahead is this gorgeous sight...

Look at the floors would you?
Loved these floors.

The left side is the shower...

The right side is for le toilette...

Not sure I like the window placement
but I'm not living here.
I did hear the house was already sold.
Without the furniture it was noted.
I would have negotiated for that personally.

Looking back towards the bedroom
you see the closets on either side.


and a better picture of the floors.

Not sure if I shared these pics
of the family room yet...

Once you exit the master bedroom
you walk through the family room and towards the left
to find your way upstairs...

I love the walls
and the little bench and frame on the landing.
Perfect little touch.

Love the little landing
but wait until you see the big landing...
Its a beautiful sitting area
that overlooks the family room below...
 and also look back over this railing
to see the front door
So that's back and front
let's go left and right.
Follow that guy right there
and you'll enter the bunk room.

I was expecting bunk beds.
Weren't you?
The only thing missing in my opinion?
They should have added drawers underneath for storage.
Heading back down this hall
you pass by a shared bath
Then onto the guest room...
with a view...
and little details...
Simple and lovely.
I'd never leave.
On the opposite side of the house upstairs
are two other bedrooms,
each with their own bath.

Perfection in a boys room.
I love it all.
Especially the painted trim on the windows.

The boys' bathroom...very masculine.

They covered the storage with curtains...

 And last but not least the girls' room.

Again with lake views.


Similar bath rooms
with the same tiles but laid out slightly different
and the same curtain cover-up for bath storage.




 Lastly let me leave you with a few little details I loved
like the ceilings above the family room...

and the walls...

and finally the steps that go up to the secondary bedrooms...

I love the little notch on either side.
Love it.
I know these are picture heavy posts.
Sorry about that.
I think.
More of them to come though
when I show you the back porches...
if you like to entertain
you'll be thrilled.



  1. Great tour Nancy! There is not one thing I would do to change this gorgeous home. LOVE the bunk room!

    1. I love that room too. In a dream world that would be my reading room, full of books and a coffee machine :)

  2. WOW! I love it all. That guest bedroom is perfection! I love the floor and walls too. Are the walls planked wood?

    1. I think they are indeed planked wood. will look at the source list to confirm...and let you know. :)

  3. Thank you for taking such wonderful pictures. This house is beautiful! One question--do the boys and girls bedrooms upstairs not have traditional closets? How did you feel about this? I'm not sure the "closet" behind the curtains in the bathroom would be enough space. What do you think?

    1. Hi Dan,
      That's a good I didn't really ponder until you brought it up. I could be wrong but I think these were the only closet space for those rooms. I even looked up the source of the closet cabinets (Wellborn) and they noted "upstairs bath 1, upstairs bath 2" and reviewing all my pics I don't see any (again my mind is a sieve so I cant say for certain...maybe I missed them. ha!) Wellborn's site also notes "upper hall linen" closets "north and south"... so hopefully the new owners will have plenty of storage. Personally I would have preferred closets in the room, away from any moisture or humidity from the bathroom. I can say this having grown up in a house where one of the closets WAS indeed just like this, behind a curtain in the bathroom. Luckily it was in my oldest sisters bathroom :) If it is going to be used by smaller children I think they'll be fine with the space but older kids like teens might have a problem with it...more clothes and shoes need a bigger space. Thanks for reading!

  4. Thanks for all the additional info! I finally looked at the actual house plan on. Southern, and yes, the only closets are the ones in the bathrooms :(. I would need more space, like you said. Anyway, can't wait to see your porch pictures!!!

  5. Great coverage...did you notice the ill fitting covers in the non bunk bunk room? Loved the detailing on the bathroom curtains...lots of clever ideas!!

    1. I did notice that...the mattresses were on the small size and notably not twin sized but it looked like they still tried to use twin sized bedding. ;)


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