Wednesday, July 23, 2014

ramblings - duct tape and a prayer

You may remember how I've had it on my list
to replace our front door.
For, oh, let's say four years now.
And maybe the shutters.
And oh yeah - limewash our brick exterior.
I sprung that one on the hubs recently.
He was against it until he saw a new neighbor
paint their brick house white...
now he's all like "maybe we should do something like that?"
You think? was my giddy response.
Having budget meetings becomes much easier
when it becomes their idea. :)
I mocked it up on photoshop.
That took me like a week to figure out.
I even joined instagram
so that I could follow the progress of
one of my favorite local bloggers Tricia
of little cottage on the pond
 who is in the midst of transforming
her new townhouse.
Its dreamy and its not even finished!
She was sweet enough to answer my emails
when I saw she replaced her doors and windows
and had questions of my own.
Did I mention my BFF from back home's
nickname for me is "question girl"?
Curious minds want to know.
So why not ask?
The bashful go hungry right?
So here I am dreaming.
And planning.
And list making.
Getting ready for the fall when school starts.
And some free time begins.
So right in the midst of all my planning
our air conditioner bit the dust.
And here's where I started singing that Nelly song.
Baby its gettin' hot up in here.
I just quoted Nelly.
How'd that happen?
Either way it ain't pretty.
My singing or the heat.
And its not gonna be cheap to fix either.
So I'm outside last night with the A/C repair guy.
And he's quoting me $7000 to replace it.
One unit.
We need two.
"Um, can we use some duct tape to stop the leaks?"
I said serious as a heart attack.
He smiled at me like I was kidding.
Um, yeah, no, I'm serious.
I have a whole big roll in my junk drawer.
I can run and go get it.
Ruben the repair guy just stared at me like I was nuts.
Maybe I am.
But it might just work too.
Writing that chore down for this afternoon.
So I'm dreaming of duct tape fixing all my problems
and Ruben goes "I'm really sorry to give you this bad news."
Here's where you know something's going on in my heart.
Instead of pitching an internal hissy fit
of what house projects are now going on hold
what came into my heart was this...
something that I'm sure Ruben
was not expecting me to say...
I told him:
I hate what you're telling me
but seriously I've been expecting this.
Every year y'all add freon and tell me I need a new system.
And every year I tell you that I'm running it til it dies.
Duct tape and a prayer is how we roll round here.
And its not really bad news in the whole scheme of things.
I'd rather hear this news
than a story that my neighbor told me this weekend.
The story of a young man, a friend of their teenage sons,
who was accepted to many top colleges across this great nation.
Due to start school in NC next month,
he was driving back from volunteering at a church camp
and stopped for gas on the outskirts of Houston.
He pulled out of the gas station
and got t-boned.
He's been in a coma since.
That's bad news.
And our beloved neighbor
who is so kind to our boys
and visits with them nearly every day
when he sees them outside
who told us about this young man?
Well his lovely wife
has been battling a recurrence of cancer.
For three years now.
Stage IV.
That's bad news.
I'm sure Ruben was like what in the world?
I kept on with
'my neighbor finished telling us the story
of this young man in an accident
with this pearl...
"you know you get news like that
and you tell yourself
we have no problems whatsoever.
not a one.'
I had to turn away from him.
It made me cry."
Needing a new a/c unit or two -
its a pain but not a problem.
Not so much.

Hoping I always remember
to count my blessings everyday
rather than think
 of little things as problems.
I have no problems.
Just blessings.
And for that I am oh so thankful.


  1. Nancy, thank you for sharing. Yes, in the grand scheme of things needing new A/C units in not that big of a deal. Heck, lots of folks don't even have A/C. Sometimes we need stories like that to keep us in check.

  2. What a great outlook! You are absolutely right...we have no problems. I always tell myself that saying "Don't sweat the small's all small stuff." Some days it's easier than others but I am still working on it! Thanks for sharing
    and I am so sorry about that young man.

  3. Wow, Nancy. Thanks for reminding me to count my blessings. I get so wrapped up in little stupid problems and I need to look at the big picture. Thanks for the reality check. Have a great weekend!

  4. Yes. We are blessed. I have a big dental bill. And college tuition. But, I am so grateful. Another beautiful post.

  5. Whew...slap back to reality. In this day of sad news and planes being shot out of the sky...... things like new HVAC systems and roofs [in my case] seem so small:)


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