Wednesday, July 9, 2014

T'ville part two

We had the best time in Thomasville
and I was ecstatic to be able to visit
a store we've driven by for years now
called Relics
but its closed on Sundays
{when we'd always be traveling through}.
This Monday though
even with dark clouds rolling in
my sweet husband
kept the kids in the car
and let me run in.
Here's the parking lot...
you know its going to be good right?

This made me think of my peep Laura's hubby
who flies gliders for fun...

I'm not sure what these lights are made out of
but I think I like them...

Not sure what I was aiming at here...

Shells in anything
and I'm in...

I happen to have two beverage dispensers
from my pinterest fail in our laundry room.
Thinking I could put them to better use...
You know how I feel about peacocks.
Is this fire screen not beyond gorgeous?

And what about that old record player above?
You could not turn around in Relics
without your eyes landing on some
slice of goodness
like these dough bowls

and this bamboo mirror


Gigantic clam shell anyone?

Be sure on peruse the website for Relics...
wish her etsy shop was up and running.
Luckily for the hubs its not.
For now.
Somebody in magazine world
should call this lady.
I'd love to see her house.
Um, if that happens
can somebody call me so I can go in person
since I put the tip out there in blog land?
I'd leave on a jet plane in a hot Houston minute.
And because I now think I'm a photographer
here are some snaps from around Thomasville...

These two are from Pavo,
about 15 miles away...
its where my dad grew up.
These sunflowers surround the cemetery
where some of my relatives
dating back to the Civil War are buried.

I always cry when I'm here
especially because of my Grannie
who's here now
but the thought of these
happy sunflowers looking out over their graves
makes me smile every time.

More road trip pics soon.
Including the Southern Living house...
its so good you're gonna flip!


  1. What a great shop. I have a few beverage servers in my basement. Love the shell idea. Have a great week, Nancy!

  2. I think I need a road trip to Thomasville!

    Your description of the flowers is so sweet. What nice memories.


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