Friday, August 29, 2014

house in the 'hood

First week of school is nearly over
and thankfully its been a good one.
Our little town is gearing up for the Labor Day weekend
by putting up American flags
down the main street through the hood.
I took some pics yesterday but they're all blurry.
Will try to get some this weekend.
Would it surprise you to know
that seeing this display
around major US holidays
brings tears to my eyes?
I'm a sucker for Old Glory
and I'm glad our little neighborhood is too.
Let's look at another beautiful sight today.
This lovely stunner is just over 2200 square feet.
Built in 1981 you know whoever updated this
is a design aficionado...
it had me at hello.

I would have signed the papers on the front step.
Without even stepping inside.

Lucky for us though we can take a peek
{thanks to my beloved}
When you first step inside
you take in this
The stairs are right there
but let's focus on the goodness...
This living room is spot on.

On the other side of the house
{going left at the front door}
is the dining room.
Simple but oh so chic...


 The doorway to the right leads to the kitchen...

Wood beams on the ceiling.
{We'll ignore the ceiling fan.}
I like the way they enclosed the hood
so that it blends in with the ceiling.

We'll get to the sitting area off the kitchen in a minute.
Let's look at the master...

Wall to wall sea grass.
Its in the bathroom too.
Interesting choice.

One of the two secondary bedrooms.
The theme of simple but chic continues.

I'm a huge fan.
Look at the reflection in the mirror...
three botanicals in a row.
More botanicals in the bath.
This is a jack and jill bath between the two secondary bedrooms.

They are using the third bedroom as a sitting room.

Love the sofa.
Looks like LS Slipcovers was here and worked their magic.
Back downstairs is the powder room...

and the sunroom
{tucked into the back right corner of the house}

I like the way they just trimmed out the doors
and left it open without curtains.
Plus the wood beams on the ceiling.

Don't get me started on the gallery wall
and the Asian porcelain.
Love. It. All.

The only thing their garden is missing is a fountain...

And me.

You know I'm not enamored with ceiling fans
but I would definitely put one or two out here.

Because I would live out here.
Wouldn't you?
 I hope you all have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!
My peeps and I are running 15 miles on Monday.
Say a prayer if you think about us.
None of us have run over 13.1 miles before.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

the skin you're in

Here's a topic you may not have heard of before.
Dry skin brushing.
Stay with me for a minute.
You may know I've had some weird allergic reactions
going on for a while now.
Three years to be exact.
I know.
In my quest to fix my skin
I stumbled onto an article about dry skin brushing.
As soon as I read "helps with cellulite"
I admit I was in.
Other benefits are said to include tighter skin,
improved circulation and lymph drainage
and of course exfloliating dead skin.
Sounds like a winner, winner doesn't it?
I rushed out and found this brush at Whole Foods
but you can order one from amazon and other retailers.
From what I've read
the key is to use long sweeps,
 always on dry skin, and
always towards the heart.
I found this chart and gave it a go...
I do it right before jumping in the shower.
I start at my feet then work my way up.
I don't do my face with this brush...
I use my trusty clarisonic for that.
My skin is tricky so I'm really careful.
You don't want to brush too hard...
gentle is key...
you don't want to irritate your skin.
I kind of wish I'd taken before pictures.
Not that I would have put them on here.
I'm not showing my thighs willingly
to anyone thank you very much.
I saw before and after pics on pinterest
and still kind of doubted it until I tried it. 
I'm a believer now personally
having seen a noticeable improvement in my skin
especially the cellulite on my thighs.
Can I just say I hate that word?
Can we all just agree to call it something else?
Like what I don't know.
If you come up with something more appealing let me know.
Until then I'll be dry brushing {it} every day :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

still on sale :)

I ran by Anthropologie today
to exchange the dress I scored last week.
{It runs big in case you're wondering.}
Guess what?
Their sale on sale items is still on.
I may have walked out with one of these.
I mean, look at the back...

and the other color options...

this one is more orange in person...

all pics via anthro
I'm a t-shirts and shorts kind of gal.
I have so many girlfriends who are style savvy.
I try.
I do.
But still...I'm happiest in athletic wear or a t-shirt.
Have been since I was a teen.
I'm never gonna change.
But at least these Rosae tees are nothing to sneeze at.
Am I right?
And at an extra 20% off what's not to love about that?
Hurry though...not sure how long it will last.
Now GO!

sale alert - lighting

In case you are in the market
for new lighting...
{you know I love me some new lights}
then you might want to pop over

where chandeliers and pendants are on sale
for up to 50% off
that reminds me of this lovely from Pottery Barn

but at a quarter of the price tag.
Now that's what I call the look for less.

Monday, August 25, 2014

warp speed

Today is the first day back to school...
 time speeds up now.
In nine months I'll be asking where the time went.
And how they got so big seemingly overnight. 
For the first time in, like, ever
I didn't cry on their first day.
I know.
You're surprised.
You know I cry at tv commercials.
Among many things.
They were so excited...
all of them up and dressed
before I even got out of the shower.
Hope that trend continues.
Stay tuned...
in the mean time I'm gearing up for projects.
It just takes me a day or two to get with the program.
But I'll get there.
Rest assured :)
Hope your Monday is spectacular!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

the middle place

I grew up in the middle,
 amongst a gaggle of girls.
Two on either side.
Seemingly always the odd person out.
Always searching for balance.
A place to fit in,
a place to belong.
Over time I grew to love my place card in life.
I learned to go either way,
which ever "side" needed an extra pull or push,
hug, or just a companion,
I was the fill-in or the finishing touch.

Its hard to know where to start this story.
The other day I had a little mini cry fest.
That ever happen to you?
 The day started off innocently enough.
Me going through my to do list.
Trying to plan the day and get some stuff done
while keeping the kids busy.
And by busy
 I really mean
not fighting with each other,
yet still expending energy.
You get my drift.
I'm going through the list in my head one minute.
Then all of a sudden I'm in a full on ugly cry.
I was thinking of things to do for a friend.
She recently lost her father.
Three weeks later her sister passed away.
Both from cancer.
I was thinking of her, praying for her.
Then I thought of another dear friend
who lost both of her parents
within a few weeks of each other recently.
{{{{hugs to you R.}}}}
Lifting her and her family up in my prayers
I thought of another dear peep...
her close friend came as close to dying
as nobody our age should
after complications post-surgery.
 I'm standing there in the shower
asking myself,
and probably God too,
what in the world is going on?
And it hit me.
We're in the middle now.
This is what happens in the middle place of life.

We're not kids anymore.
We're not young adults just learning our way.
Like when you go off to college,
not knowing what to expect.
You feel your way through,
you get in your groove.
You graduate,
look for a job.
You get an offer.
Someone gives you a shot.
Can you do it, you wonder?
Of course you can.
You go for it.
You live.
If you're lucky you love.
You grow.
You approach the middle.

quote box made on

We've seen a lot on way to middle age.
I'm in my forties now.
Soon to be 44.
Yeah, I said it. :)
Like most women my age
I've learned a few things about life.
I wouldn't go back in time to be twenty again.
No thanks.
I learned a lot but I'm glad that decade is over.
Thankful for its lessons but happy to move on.
I like where I'm at.
But man its a scary place to be too.
I'm scared and fearless at the same time.
I love it and I hate it at the same time.
Its funny.
Last weekend Jerry Seinfeld came to H-town.
He did this bit in his act about how the terms
"sucks" and "great"
are really the same thing.
One in the same.
I didn't think about it
until this particular day
but I think I agree.
This middle place in life sucks.
And yet its great.
 You become less tolerant for all the bs in life.
The stuff that really doesn't matter.
You try learn to accept yourself,
sagging skin, stretch marks, cellulite and all.
I look at them like combat wounds
{no offense to any service person}
in the battlefield that is life.
These scars are me, they mean something.
Like a slash on a calendar that says the day was done,
my scars clock memories,
both good and bad.
I'll take every one.
In the middle you decide mean people suck.
 there's no room in your life for them.
Negativity, the door is over there.
See your way out.
You celebrate your accomplishments,
your acts of bravery and determination.
You love your kids,
your partner,
and your friends
with a fierceness,
a protectiveness
I would defy anyone to challenge.
The middle, to me, is also
where you learn to love yourself.
You basically become superwoman...
you know now that you'd rather
try something
than do nothing,
fears be damned.
You're doing it all,
you're kicking butt in life.
And yet things start happen at this stage.
Not that they don't before, but now...
in the middle,
things come more rapidly.
Because of time.
Because of timing.
You're working it, life.
You're learning, growing, with every year.
You feel like you're finally starting
to understand this world.
Life as we humans know it.
Then something happens.
Maybe to you,
maybe to someone you love.
Illness, divorce, death.
Its not so carefree any more.
You know this is what happens in life.
You know but you still ask why.
Lives are lived.
Some short, others long.
People leave.
Some are spared to wander further down the road.
Some don't come back.
The world never have to keep going with it.
The middle is where is gets real.
This is where I am.
The middle sucks.
The middle is beyond great.
I'm scared.
I'm fearless.


Friday, August 22, 2014

cute dress alert

I first saw this dress on my peep Erin...
The back is even cuter but I cant get a picture of it...
or at least I cant figure it out.
Think criss cross and click through.
Best part is that I've been stalking it forever,
waiting for it to go on sale.
Saturday it did just that.
I snapped it up.
In my regular size.
It arrived by Wednesday.
It swallowed me
{a good problem right?}
so I called yesterday to get a smaller size.
And yes to get free shipping on the exchange.
Best part?
Its now sale on sale.
An extra 20% off.
If you like it then hurry up and go get it before its gone!
{Its also in pink/grey colorway.}

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

lighting love

One of the best ways to update your home
{in my humble opinion}
without breaking the bank
is to update the light fixtures.
I've replaced all the pendant lighting in our home
but I still like to look.
Ok, I'll admit it...
with the thought in the back of my mind
to switching over some of our can lights to pendants.
{if you are married to me and reading this}
I'm not sure where I'd put this beauty
but I would figure it out rest assured...
In our old home we had a ton of reds and yellows,
this house not so much
I would totally snag this 
and spray paint it green...
This one needs nothing, no changing
{except proper installation so it doesn't lean to one side like in the pic}
you know why I like it....
hello lover.
Tery...I'm thinking this is your next project for your etsy store.
{can you send me your link again?}
 reminds me of this lovely...

I like this light for its unexpectedness ...
With a little rub-n-buff
you could have this look...

and save yourself thousands.
Just saying.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

house in the 'hood

Hope y'all are enjoying summer.
It really has flown by hasn't it?
I'm ready to sit back today and do nothing.
Who's with me?
Let's start with a little glimpse
into a recently sold
house in our 'hood...
I don't normally include pictures of the exteriors
but this one is too cute not to...

Loves it!
Loves the wallpaper in the dining room as well.


Across from the dining room
is a bright living room...

and in the back of the house
there's a more comfy den area.
Not a fan of ceiling fans
but in this heat I get it...

I spy a cute kitchen...

Where to start?
I love it all...
lighting, barstools (Ballards?), chalkboard art...

SS appliances, subway tile, countertops...

farmhouse sink, bridge faucet, hood...


Up the cute stairs we go...

I know you don't buy a house for the furniture
but still...
there are some great pieces in this room...

campaign dresser in tealy blue...
I love you.

I regret the choices we made
with our master bath reno
five years ago...
I had a baby and no brain power.
Wish we'd gone the way they did with grays and marble...

Ample room in the master closet...


and a nice spot on the landing for a desk area.
Just dreaming aloud here...

makes me want to paint our guest room...

or just be a guest here so that I can use that old bathtub...

Where you'd find me most days if this were mine...

I'd even put up a ceiling fan on the pergola :)
Stay cool wherever you are.
Have a happy, happy weekend!
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