Friday, August 22, 2014

cute dress alert

I first saw this dress on my peep Erin...
The back is even cuter but I cant get a picture of it...
or at least I cant figure it out.
Think criss cross and click through.
Best part is that I've been stalking it forever,
waiting for it to go on sale.
Saturday it did just that.
I snapped it up.
In my regular size.
It arrived by Wednesday.
It swallowed me
{a good problem right?}
so I called yesterday to get a smaller size.
And yes to get free shipping on the exchange.
Best part?
Its now sale on sale.
An extra 20% off.
If you like it then hurry up and go get it before its gone!
{Its also in pink/grey colorway.}


  1. love that dress too! i might have to be a copy cat!!

    1. totally! its so comfortable...the perfect summer dress.

  2. Nancy thanks for all the fashion suggestions!! I am checking out that purse at the outlet! You and I are on the same wavelength. I saw that Camo vest and wondered what it would look like is on sale right now for $75. I have gray hair now so my whole color pallet has changed. Let me know if you get it!


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