Saturday, August 9, 2014

mirror mirror on the wall

My friend Susan is making a plan to update her formal living room.
{you know, in case her husband hears rumors.}
She showed me a picture of a mirror she really wants...

Thrify Décor Chick scored hers a homegoods
but it was a while back
so of course I went into internet search overdrive
trying to find a similar one for Susan.
I haven't found it yet
but I did stumble onto some mirror eye candy...

Zhangye modern mirror

that reminded me of these mirrors
in our home away from home
in Amelia Island

 and you know I never met a sunburst mirror I didn't want like

and you know how I feel about driftwood don't you? 

again with the sunburst
 {or starburst...whatever you want to call it I love it}

 Creative Co-op Sunburst mirror

and to me if one is good
two or three are even better

but I'm pretty sure this is the same mirror
I posted about earlier
which by the way is now on sale for half the price
of the one above...
just saying.

So far its a fail for this décor detective
but that only makes me want to
find a match for my peep even more.
So if you see one like thrifty décor chick has
send up a bat signal pretty please.
{that was for you over 40 who grew up on old school Batman}
I need your help on this one.
Thank you big time in advance. :)

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