Monday, August 11, 2014

flash backs and flash forwards

We attended a family wedding last weekend.
I don't know about you
but I love a good wedding...
any wedding really.
I always makes me flash back to my own
and this one was no exception.
But I also had flash-forwards.
Especially when my husband leaned over and whispered
"you know we're going to blink
and this will be one of ours getting married."
Did you really want me to start crying now?
The bride hasn't even walked down the aisle!?!
And I did.
And she did.
And it was beautiful.
For the first time instead of just watching the bride
during the ceremony
I studied both sets of parents.
I watched as the mother of the bride herself
broke down in tears
watching her little girl daughter cry as she recited her vows.
Then I really lost it.
Knowing how quickly their big days will be here.
The years are flying by
as fast as
some days are so tiring
that you count the minutes until bedtime.
My boys are morphing into little men by the minute
and some days its shocking when they come in to say good morning
because they look like they've grown a foot or two over night.
As much as I want them to grow up,
I want them to stay little.
Anybody else feel that way?
At least when they're little
I know I can shield their hearts.
I know what's coming with the double digit years
when their decisions will become their own
and they will have to live with consequences
beyond a time out or restrictions imposed by
a sucker of a mama in love with her boys.
I like their current plan of buying houses surrounding ours
and all living close to each other
and my littlest little says
he wants to marry me when he grows up :)
I know they'll find their true love...
they may have to kiss a few frogs like most of us do.
I traveled a long and broken road to find their dad.
 I wouldn't trade the lessons on that winding path
for any thing in this world
because it led me to my one and only.
Plus I wouldn't have the marriage I do without those pearls I learned.
Is that weird to be thankful for that?
Its funny because this post in my head
started out as wanting to share what I thought
would be a great wedding gift source
and then it turned into...well, whatever it is...
flash forwards and flash backs I guess.
In what may seem like a strange transition
these lovelies are too good not to share...
Herewith are my new favorite wedding gifts to give
from a new to me shop called

with monogram :)
I admit I would throw one of these in for myself.
Then when baby makes three...
In case you didn't know
most southern ladies say
if ain't moving, monogram it.


  1. I'm taking my first born to college next week. I can't even think of a wedding right now, but I can easily think of the day he brought me a frog, and started kindergarten, and rode his bike. . . sigh.
    Shopping therapy at celerie and south will certainly help.

    1. wish I was closer to help you with your therapy :) {{{{hugs}}}} I can only imagine how bittersweet it is to send him off. is he going far?

  2. Oh my goodness...who cares about the brides what about us? Just kidding sort of. I have had two get married at our home here. They are now 32 & 34. Time does fly enjoy it while it lasts!!

    1. I know. when I got married I didn't really consider how big of a day it was for our parents. now that we have our littles I get it. and I regret it. and I will spend the next decade plus reminding my boys of that. ;) thanks for reading Cindy :) xo.

  3. What a beautiful post Nancy. I read every word. Twice. You should frame those words ... they are priceless.
    I loved your flash forwards ... the monograms aren't too bad either :)

  4. Love all the monograms! My oldest daughter is 23 and has a serious boyfriend -that we love. All her friends seem to be getting married but she says she is too young....maybe in 4-5 years. I do a lot of flash forwarding! I love the way you write! Your posts are so sincere and relatable.

  5. Time is so precious. It hurts thinking about how quickly it goes by. All we can do is ensure we cherish every moment. That is the only power we have. I love the way you write!


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