Friday, August 15, 2014

hot in Houston

Happy Friday y'all!
We are in the dog days of summer here in Houston.
Hot doesn't even begin to describe it.
We're soaking up a/c wherever we can find it.
Yesterday the boys couldn't agree on what to do.
They all wanted to different things
and none could be persuaded
to do the other's bidding.
Finally I gave up.
I said if y'all cant decide what to do
then we're gonna do what I want to do.
And we so did.
We went to Home Goods :)
You know, to verify their new app.
I had seen some blue and white lamps on it
and thought they were double happiness lamps.
Alas they were aging eyes deceived me again.
Just stepping into the store lowered my blood pressure.
Who needs meds when you have retail therapy.
We left the store and on a whim decided to go by
If you've never heard of this museum read about it here.
There has to be about half a billion dollars worth of art inside.
Picassos, Warhols, Magritte.
The list goes on and on.
It was unbelievable and breathtaking.
Especially with a six year old.
We had security on us like white on rice.
I was petrified he would touch something
and so were they obviously.
My favorite exhibition was called
where he uses ordinary objects
and pieces from the museum's permanent collection
and styled them into various groupings.
For a design lover I was blown away.
You know I wanted to take pictures
but again the not so secret service was tailing us
{and rightfully so because I didn't take my eyes off my littles for a minute}
and they said no way, no pictures
I did find a snippet of my favorite part of Steinbach's exhibit
where he did a grouping of frames on wall
that was at least 15 feet  x 15 feet tall.
I'm sorry but it was breathtaking.
If you're in Houston you must go.
We also walked over to the Rothko Chapel.
I hope its ok to post this from their website.
I think its one if not THE
most peaceful place I've been to on earth.

 "NW-N-NE by Hickey Robertson" via
I could have stayed in here forever.
are just up my color wheel alley.
Its hard to tell but most of the 13 panels
were in a purple gray shade of lovely.
My littlest didn't get it at all.
He goes "why are they all the same color?"
And with that we left...
complete silence is required inside.
That's not really up our alley at this point in our lives. :)
We went outside where the boys wandered around
the sculpture "Broken Obelisk" for a while
while I watched from a bench in the shade.

Can you tell which is my middle child?

My mini me...the peacemaker. :)
They played with pods from pecan trees surrounding the chapel.
Breaking them apart in various sizes
then testing them in the water above
to see which ones float versus sank based on size.
What can I say?
That's how we roll.
And I like it like that.

 Feel free to share your best beat the heat outings...
with this crew
I need all the suggestions I can get :)



  1. I am driving baby girl back to Waco next Thursday, and not looking forward to the heat. It's been a bit cool here lately. A welcome reprieve from our normal August temps.

    1. safe travels on taking her back to Waco. I'm sure its bittersweet...happy for her to continue her education but sad to have her away from home. {{hugs}} thanks, as always, for reading and commenting. makes me smile to see it when you comment :)

  2. When my kids were littles, also on H town, we used to "paint the house". I'd fill a bucket with water, have them put on swimsuits, hand them paint brushes- and let them have at it. They'd cool off by running through the sprinkler, then back to their painting.

    1. AWESOME idea! gonna find my old paint brushes today :) thanks for reading Patricia! I so enjoy your blog. and your new home...some magazine somewhere is going to be calling you soon. when they do can I come watch their photoshoot? :)


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