Friday, August 1, 2014

'house in the hood

Having computer technical difficulties today.
Not sure if its because I only slept about two hours last night.
I couldn't fall asleep.
Then when I did my Iphone
{which is normally on silent at night}
went off with a flash flood warning at 12:30 am.
And again at about 2:00 am.
Then my alarm went off at 4:30 am
since we were meeting at 5 to do our long run
today rather than tomorrow.
Thankfully it was still raining at that point
and we all decided via text messages to bag it.
Hasn't rained a drop since.
 I might need to up my caffeine intake today.
In the meantime enjoy a look at
a recently sold house in our 'hood...
 I love many things about this room.
Especially the brick fire place surround
and the symmetry of the furniture placement.

Wishing we could see it from more angles.
Don't you?
Here's the more formal living room in the front of the house.
Which living area do you prefer?
I like the family room myself.
The formal dining room...
lovely and muted.

I think we'd live in this breakfast area...
Lantern love, check.
Slipcovered bench, check.
Love. This. Space.
An upclose of the kitchen...

and the husband's study...
Very manly indeed.
Love the chandy.
Upstairs is definitely more feminine...
The master...

You'd always find me in one of those chairs in the corner.
Book in hand.
Are my eyes deceiving me or is it
the same pattern on the walls
as the bedding above?

And I tried to get our electrician to hang a chandy
above the bathtub and he refused
as it is against code here.
Just careful.
I bet the sellers had three little girls...

What do you think?
The playroom, probably the third secondary bedroom, says it all.
Little girl play heaven.
OK y'all....hope your Friday is the best!
See you real soon :)



  1. I've also had a builder say "no" to my chandelier over the tub idea for the same reason. Later, I was told you have to find a guy who is paid "under the table" to install one. I just don't see how the government thinks my light fixture may fall into my tub at the precise moment I'm soaking in bubbles. But it would be quite a memorable way to bite the dust, don't you think?

  2. Another great house...Love her choice in fabrics too. Love everything about it.

  3. Oh wow...some things I love, some, not so much. That is a lot of wallpaper.

  4. I agree with Simply LKJ some things I love, some I did not. Speaking of things we love, have you seen Ballard Designs new sunburst ceiling medallion? It's gorgeous and different. Usually they are white and I think it looks good with bronze fixtures.


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