Friday, August 29, 2014

house in the 'hood

First week of school is nearly over
and thankfully its been a good one.
Our little town is gearing up for the Labor Day weekend
by putting up American flags
down the main street through the hood.
I took some pics yesterday but they're all blurry.
Will try to get some this weekend.
Would it surprise you to know
that seeing this display
around major US holidays
brings tears to my eyes?
I'm a sucker for Old Glory
and I'm glad our little neighborhood is too.
Let's look at another beautiful sight today.
This lovely stunner is just over 2200 square feet.
Built in 1981 you know whoever updated this
is a design aficionado...
it had me at hello.

I would have signed the papers on the front step.
Without even stepping inside.

Lucky for us though we can take a peek
{thanks to my beloved}
When you first step inside
you take in this
The stairs are right there
but let's focus on the goodness...
This living room is spot on.

On the other side of the house
{going left at the front door}
is the dining room.
Simple but oh so chic...


 The doorway to the right leads to the kitchen...

Wood beams on the ceiling.
{We'll ignore the ceiling fan.}
I like the way they enclosed the hood
so that it blends in with the ceiling.

We'll get to the sitting area off the kitchen in a minute.
Let's look at the master...

Wall to wall sea grass.
Its in the bathroom too.
Interesting choice.

One of the two secondary bedrooms.
The theme of simple but chic continues.

I'm a huge fan.
Look at the reflection in the mirror...
three botanicals in a row.
More botanicals in the bath.
This is a jack and jill bath between the two secondary bedrooms.

They are using the third bedroom as a sitting room.

Love the sofa.
Looks like LS Slipcovers was here and worked their magic.
Back downstairs is the powder room...

and the sunroom
{tucked into the back right corner of the house}

I like the way they just trimmed out the doors
and left it open without curtains.
Plus the wood beams on the ceiling.

Don't get me started on the gallery wall
and the Asian porcelain.
Love. It. All.

The only thing their garden is missing is a fountain...

And me.

You know I'm not enamored with ceiling fans
but I would definitely put one or two out here.

Because I would live out here.
Wouldn't you?
 I hope you all have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!
My peeps and I are running 15 miles on Monday.
Say a prayer if you think about us.
None of us have run over 13.1 miles before.

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  1. In a world that is SO politically correct and people aren't flying their flags like they used too; I love the fact that you're moved by it. I am the same way. And I cannot believe how beautiful the homes are in your neck of the woods!

    1. American flags rock! and the people who fly them do as well :) i'm definitely blessed to live here. have a great holiday weekend!


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. What a great house...I love how they decorated it...

  4. oh i love going into people's houses! thx for letting me snoop!


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