Tuesday, August 19, 2014

lighting love

One of the best ways to update your home
{in my humble opinion}
without breaking the bank
is to update the light fixtures.
I've replaced all the pendant lighting in our home
but I still like to look.
Ok, I'll admit it...
with the thought in the back of my mind
to switching over some of our can lights to pendants.
{if you are married to me and reading this}
I'm not sure where I'd put this beauty
but I would figure it out rest assured...
In our old home we had a ton of reds and yellows,
this house not so much
I would totally snag this 
and spray paint it green...
This one needs nothing, no changing
{except proper installation so it doesn't lean to one side like in the pic}
you know why I like it....
hello lover.
Tery...I'm thinking this is your next project for your etsy store.
{can you send me your link again?}
 reminds me of this lovely...

I like this light for its unexpectedness ...
With a little rub-n-buff
you could have this look...

and save yourself thousands.
Just saying.


  1. Nancy -- these are great. Love the one made out of shells.

  2. Hey Nancy! Love them all and I have a couple of them saved in my Fav File. My Etsy shop is on hold for little one is starting Kindergarten and I am spending all the time I can with him. I made one for my porch-wil send you a pic.

  3. I love the look of the oyster shells, but would be terrified to walk under it! That thing must weigh a ton!


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