Thursday, August 28, 2014

the skin you're in

Here's a topic you may not have heard of before.
Dry skin brushing.
Stay with me for a minute.
You may know I've had some weird allergic reactions
going on for a while now.
Three years to be exact.
I know.
In my quest to fix my skin
I stumbled onto an article about dry skin brushing.
As soon as I read "helps with cellulite"
I admit I was in.
Other benefits are said to include tighter skin,
improved circulation and lymph drainage
and of course exfloliating dead skin.
Sounds like a winner, winner doesn't it?
I rushed out and found this brush at Whole Foods
but you can order one from amazon and other retailers.
From what I've read
the key is to use long sweeps,
 always on dry skin, and
always towards the heart.
I found this chart and gave it a go...
I do it right before jumping in the shower.
I start at my feet then work my way up.
I don't do my face with this brush...
I use my trusty clarisonic for that.
My skin is tricky so I'm really careful.
You don't want to brush too hard...
gentle is key...
you don't want to irritate your skin.
I kind of wish I'd taken before pictures.
Not that I would have put them on here.
I'm not showing my thighs willingly
to anyone thank you very much.
I saw before and after pics on pinterest
and still kind of doubted it until I tried it. 
I'm a believer now personally
having seen a noticeable improvement in my skin
especially the cellulite on my thighs.
Can I just say I hate that word?
Can we all just agree to call it something else?
Like what I don't know.
If you come up with something more appealing let me know.
Until then I'll be dry brushing {it} every day :)


  1. Haven't tried it yet. However, there is a lot to lymphatic draining. After playing long hours of volleyball, my daughters one coach would have them lay on their backs on the floor and put their feet up on the wall for 10 minutes or so to help their legs cool down. She always felt better afterwards.

  2. I happen to have that exact brush! I will be giving it a try and will let you know. I hate the word cellulite too! I remember being 19, thin as a rail but I had a little cellulite -what the heck!! A doctor told me it's heredity and is how your body produces or stores your fat. When do need a better word for it!


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