Tuesday, August 12, 2014

three things that may change your life

How's that for a blog post title?
 Let's talk about change...


I don't know about you
but I'm trying to find the balance
between making improvements
and trying to be happy where I am,
with what I have,
and with what I don't have.
With "things" I'm trying to be thankful
and happy because we are so blessed.
We are full.
With me, myself, and I, well, I got some changing to do.

I can relate to the sign above.
Some things you might have to change
and do repeatedly on a daily basis to make it "stick"
and become a new habit or way of living.
I'm working big time to overhaul what I eat.
It's a big change for me.
Some little things you just have to bite the bullet and do...
like with a long standing DIY project.
Just find a day, get the tools, and get 'er done.
Scratch it off the list and move on.
But in either case of big or small
one thing is true...
nothing will change unless you change something.
Just in case I thought I'd share three things
that just might change your life.
Big and small :)

For those of you who may be struggling like me
to find your purpose in life
I read this great article that you might like too.
I recently visited a sports nutritionist.
You may know that I'm training for a full marathon.
My first.
And last.
Although I recently reviewed our training schedule
{my peeps and I joined a national training group}
and was appalled surprised to see
that we will actually run FOUR bleeping marathons
before the actual Houston marathon in January.
Little tip...
Read the fine print people.
Learn from my mistakes.
Long story short ever since I turned 41
I feel like the wheels have fallen off my bus.
I've been fighting weight gain
even though I exercised like a dog.
This spring my friends and I had a friendly
"biggest loser"
weight loss competition.
I joined weight watchers online
and lost around ten pounds.
I even won the bet.
Awesome right?
Of course the following week
I started eating every thing in sight.
And I gained it all back.
Because I had won
and because I ran to eat
I figured I'm running, let's eat!
And so I did.
Whatever I wanted.
I finally agreed
with the little whisper in my head that said
I cant do that at my age anymore.
It was a vicious cycle
and I'm in the process of stopping it.
So I won that bet,
I was still working out.
I decided to go for the full.
I felt great, I truly did.
Like let's do this.
Bring it.
I got this.
And then...
I think it was the particular pace group we joined.
It was a little too fast.
I was too proud to say
"hey, where's the slower group?
this isn't comfortable for me."
And I got hurt.
Plantar fasciitis.
It hurts like the devil.
I had to cut back on exercise big time
because I still want this race
but I don't want to permanently injure my foot
so I'm babying it with every step I take.
So all these things,
this perfect little storm hit
amidst the stress of every day ordinary life.
And one day I just said enough.
Some thing big has to change.
I put my detective skills to work
found said sports nutritionist.
We're working on a plan,
one I'll share if it works.
so all this to say
if you're not happy in your own body,
if something feels broke, don't ignore it.
Try to find a way to fix it.
Even if its hard.
Even if it scares you to change.
With that said if you too are struggling
to exercise or with your weight
here's an app that could change your life...
it is sincerely helping me
to be cognizant of what and how much I'm eating...
the app my fitness pal.
Look it up on iTunes and get it for free.
Saving the best for last.
Sit down for this.
I gasped when I saw this.
Home Goods has an app.
{insert the sound of angels singing}
You're welcome.
Then you sign up for an account
and you can follow the stores closest to you
{or far away}
and you see your store's inventory
from anywhere you are.
Wonder if you can call ahead and book it Dano?
They should add that feature if you ask me.
I'm so giddy about this that my heart is racing.
And if that's wrong I don't want to be right.
Any life changers that you think I should know about?
Leave a comment pretty please.
I'm on a mission to change for the better :)

P.S. If you want me tomorrow
you may find me at a homegoods
picking up something in this picture.

via homegoods app.


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