Monday, August 25, 2014

warp speed

Today is the first day back to school...
 time speeds up now.
In nine months I'll be asking where the time went.
And how they got so big seemingly overnight. 
For the first time in, like, ever
I didn't cry on their first day.
I know.
You're surprised.
You know I cry at tv commercials.
Among many things.
They were so excited...
all of them up and dressed
before I even got out of the shower.
Hope that trend continues.
Stay tuned...
in the mean time I'm gearing up for projects.
It just takes me a day or two to get with the program.
But I'll get there.
Rest assured :)
Hope your Monday is spectacular!


  1. Hope all goes well with the first day. I understand the taking a few days to adjust. Hoping by mid week I am back in a routine of sorts. I know this year, her final at BU, is going to go by way too fast!!!

  2. I'm impressed . . . you have time to take a shower before school? When mine were little I did that, and now, it's like I throw a coat over my PJ's, put on a baseball cap and sunglasses and don't make eye contact in the carpool lane.

  3. may not have cried but I got teary eyed at that darling picture of your boys. Stay strong...


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